atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3359: And the motorcycle gets jealous!

After the last post I took the motorcycle for a ride. I headed out to Sailor V's place to drop off a bag of stuff of his that I'd collected from various places around the bunker. (Mostly papers and such for the Escort I sold him in October, but a couple of DVDs too.)

On my way back I'm heading east on Pauling Road at 55 MPH when I realize that the motorcycle is behaving...oddly. There's a weird vibration I've never felt before, coming from the rear wheel, and it's speed-dependent; if I slow down, it goes away.

I pulled off at the next side road and had a gander, and realized that the rear tire was perilously low on air, so I purposely took a lower-speed route the rest of the way home. Got here, checked the pressure--didn't register.

[many bad words redacted]

Well, shit--when was the last time I checked the tire pressure, eh? Stupid stupid stupid--dragged out the compressor and refilled it to 30 PSI, then did the same to the front. (It was 10 lbs low.)

Put everything away, came inside and ordered General Tao's Chicken for dinner...but this time I splurged and bought a sixer of crab rangoons, too.

"Twenty minute," the guy told me.

After twenty minute, I geared up, got on the bike, and started riding--

--back of the bike tried going sideways when I hit the bottom of the driveway.


Tire was making "flop flop" noises.


I couldn't even nurse it back to the driveway without the thing trying to go out from under me sideways. I had to get off and nurse it up the driveway in first gear while walking alongside it. When I get it by the garage and up on the center stand, I see that the rear tire has gone flat. I mean, the tire is totally flat, so flat it came right off the f-ing rim.


Now, I don't think I need to explain that this came as something of a surprise to me. I mean, generally, a tire does not go flat less than twenty minutes after you fill it with air. Usually if you fill a tire with air it stays inflated, you know? So I think the only thing I did wrong here was not checking the tire pressure more recently.

...but now, of course, it's obvious that somewhere along the line I ran over something that punctured my tire, and that my usual attention to my machine's operating characteristics is what saved me from being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire.

Now I've got to finish eating my General Tao's Chicken, then go out to the driveway and try to figure out what went wrong with my motorcycle. WHee!!!

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