atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3360: Probably need a new rear tire. *sigh*

Filled it with air (and was startled by the bead popping back into place) and then sprayed it with soapy water.

Result: the entire left side is one massive rim leak, and there are a few rim leaks on the right side. Also, there was a nail stuck in the tread which is probably what caused all this.

Still, I went to Advance Auto for a can of Fix-a-Flat and a tire repair kit since I could not find mine. I knew I took it out of the Escort before selling it to Sailor V, but where I'd put it was a f-ing mystery and with the store closing soon I had to move, so I just bought one.

Of course once I got home, I found the tire repair kit, but that's fine! I can take back the one I bought tonight, after all.

Patched the bitch first. I've done this a dozen times on as many tires, so that's not any particular difficulty. The hard part was getting the nail out.

Once it was patched and trimmed, I kitted up and ran in the Fix-A-Flat, then topped it up to 30 PSI before setting out on a nice low-speed ride around the neighborhood. Came home, checked the pressure, and it was still where I'd left it, so I took off on a longer and higher-speed ride.

Got home from that and it had lost 5 lbs. FFFFFFFUUUUU--

So tomorrow I'll check it and see how much air is in there. If it's lost too much more, the tire is obviously trash and must be replaced. It's "wing and a prayer" time anyway since I ran the thing flat and the bead came off the rim, but there is the slight hope....

But if I do have to replace the tire, I'll be doing the rear brakes at the same time. I may also purchase a chain breaker and take the chain off so I can soak that bitch in oil and then drain it thoroughly. While I was inspecting the tire post-ride I heard the chain squeaking, damn it!

Well, that's how it is when you buy a used vehicle, I guess. The rear tire could use replacing anyway and it was one of the things I planned to do as soon as I had a job. Well, I'll do the rear one now, I suppose.

(PS this is not Og's fault.)

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