atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3361: Well, the meat is ready.

About 120 lbs' worth. Less than expected, but it's still probably more than enough to see me through the end of the year.

Processing comes to $110 and I don't know (yet) what I'm going to be paying for the actual meat itself.

I'm thinking that I'll go pick it up on Monday, because both bank and processor close at noon today and I'm not awake enough, yet, to get moving. (In fact, I was up until after 2 AM last night, and want only to go back to bed for a while longer.)

* * *

I belatedly realized, as I was waking up, that I spent most of my time outdoors yesterday--at least while both sun and I were up. I worked on the Fiero for a few hours, then rode the bike (and worked on it). Holy crap.

Well, it means I photosynthesized some Vitamin D, and that's never a bad thing.

* * *

Got a couple replies to my question about the Fiero. Two things to suspect: the MAP sensor, and the fuel pressure regulator. So I'll be doing that relatively soon.

...wish I'd known about the MAP sensor issue before I took the plenum off, but it won't take much work to reassemble the thing, and I need the thing apart to check the fuel pressure regulator. So guess which I'm doing first?

* * *

Going back to bed for a few more hours, that's what!

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