atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3367: Diablo III is...well, I can't tell.

Because the servers are down.

*sigh* This is why I hate having to log on to a single-player game.

...does the error message say the servers are down? Oh no! No, instead the game issues a Microsoft-worthy six-digit number, and when I searched on that code the first dozen posts I saw all led to HTML 404 errors.

So I've got the game, and can't play it...because Blizzard muffed things.

Such as this. How did they miss this? Surely the people who played the beta tried giving their Templar a shield before hiring him...didn't they?

How irritating.

* * *

Well, the chili I made came out excellent...once I skimmed the fat off.

I finished with the part of the cooking requiring my active participation and left it to simmer for half an hour. At the end of that time, there was an even layer of grease sitting on top of the chili.

I skimmed it off, into a bowl, and then set it aside and had two bowls of chili with the appropriate amounts of ginzo bread.

The meat has a pretty nice texture. The chili came out perfectly spiced, too. After it had cooled down enough, I ladled it into smaller containers and refrigerated it; the bowl with the grease in it went into the fridge, too.

This morning, the bowl had a 1/4" layer of solidified grease atop the chili that I had spooned in while skimming the grease. Rather a lot, which leads me to believe this stuff isn't exactly lean.

So in the future I'll just have to make a point of pouring off the grease, is all, once I've browned the meat.

* * *

Government overregulation keeps people from eating what they want and it's got to stop.

* * *

Vote fraud in North Carolina and it ain't right-wingers doing it.

* * *

So Obama has inserted himself into the biographical sketches of past Presidents at There is only one word I can think of to describe this:


Ace has further commentary.

* * *

Obama's friend tried to pay of Reverend "God Damn America" Wright. The same friend who gave Michelle a cushy $300,000 per year job to...warm a chair...after Baraky became U.S. Senator Baraky.

The same position which, it must be said, has been vacant since U.S. Senator Baraky became President Baraky. Apparently they just can't find the right person to fill Michelle's shoes!

* * *

Meanwhile the first gay President wishes the media would stop calling him that.

* * *

Thieves steal four miles of copper cabling from a totally unnecessary light rail system in Seattle.

* * *

I have to admit that I'm feeling just a tad freaked out over how much money I spent yesterday. Having all that beef is wonderful, but it was still kind of nerve-wracking to write that check.


I'll have to thaw out a round steak and make some yakisoba. That'll make me feel better.

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