atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3368: Still can't play D3

The estimated time of all servers being up was pushed back to 3:30 CDT, and now it's been pushed back another two hours.

In 2000, when D2 came out, the only thing I had to wait for was the installation. That didn't take very long, either. I didn't have to wait for Blizzard to get its shit together so that I could log on, only to find that the servers were full and I had to wait in queue...only to get--after staring at the login screen for fifteen f-ing minutes--an error message that "connection was lost" followed by a second error message telling me that there was an error.

This is why I'm against simgle-player games that require you to have a persistent Internet connection. There's never enough server capacity and the shit almost always fails to work.

Now, I would probably not be this irritated if it wasn't Blizzard, the company which operates the biggest MMORPG on the Internet. You'd think they'd know something about managing a game that will require having a large client base using server space. Also, you'd think they'd have some idea of how many people intend to buy the game (or, like me, have been given copies of it as a premium for promising to continue to play WoW).

So to have major problems with the servers on release day--especially after they had an "open beta" a couple of weeks ago specifically to stress-test their system!--is inexcusable.

* * *

So I walked up to the post office to mail four copies of my brilliant performance in King of the Jungle. I can't take the motorcycle and didn't want to drive the Jeep, and I need the exercise. QED.

No idea how long it'll be before my parts get here. Tomorrow I expect to call the Yamaha dealership and ask if they can mount and balance the tire for me, but I'm not going to begin disassembly before I get the parts.

I'm also thinking that I'll see about replacing the front shock dust guards that have been in my Jeep since last September. So I'll probably do that when the rear tire is off and I can get the ground clearance I need to pull the front shocks out.

The front shocks are a bit on the stiff side. I don't know what I can do about the stiffness since they're non-adjustble, but I know I have to tighten up the stem bearings a bit. I'll just have to see what I can do, if anything.

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