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#3370: I normally get tired of chili pretty quickly

I made chili Monday night, and here I am eating another serving of it. Last time I had to freeze about 2/3 of it.

Oh well.

* * *

A 15-year-old girl dies of undiagnoised tuberculosis despite several doctor visits, but it's okay because she's just a prole anyway, and Paki to boot. Who cares?

Just so you know, England's National Health Service is the model of what the Democrats would like for us to have.

* * *

Well, for the moment the feds still have to obey the rules. The National Labor Relations Board passed a bad rule, but they did it by having only two members present, which is one member short of a quorum. And so the rule is invalid.

The Obama administration (and, of late, Democrats in general) seems to have a shocking disregard for the rules.

* * *

The plot thickens in the Martin/Zimmerman shooting case.

Boortz lists the injuries.

Karl Denninger discusses Zimmerman's injuries. He asks (emphasis removed), "Let me guess, before the race-baiters come out and start once again -- he punched himself in the eye (twice), he broke his own nose, and he pounded his own head against the concrete too?"

Then he discusses Martin's injuries. Looks like the racists' argument that Zimmerman beat himself up won't hold water. "We now have medical confirmation that is consistent with Martin being the individual who inflicted the injuries on Zimmerman."

...but if Zimmerman is acquitted there will still be race riots in Florida. Thanks, Jackson! Thanks, Sharpton! Thanks, Obama! Thanks, news media!

* * *

No. Just no. Feds want unmanned drones patrolling the skies over the United States.

WTF is this, the Soviet Union?

Wait--Obama and the Democrats would like that.

* * *

Now let's get to the economic doom and gloom:

Stocks posted a loss yesterday after news came out of Greece that things are coming apart.

Denninger again: "Flash off the rumor mill, unconfirmed -- it appears the Greek banks were just cut off by the ECB." This was posted around 10 AM CDT (Denninger lives in Florida, which is why the post has a post time around 11 AM) and the Dow-Jones ticker over at Google tells the story. The index was up nearly a hundred points before this broke; now it's up two.

Gained 100, lost 98--that's what Denninger meant when he said, "This instantly hit the Euro and US stock market, which had been having a reasonably decent day."

Before that post, though, he talked about Greece leaving the euro. And he's probably right. And ain't none of it looking good for the long-term economic prospects of Europe, let alone the rest of us.

* * *

Just recently over at the Fiero forum, I put up my 4,000th post.

I bought my 1985 Fiero SE ten years ago. Actually--I gave the original owner a $100 deposit on May 14, 2002, and paid him the balance on May 18, 2002. Friday is the 10-year anniversary of me bringing the thing home for the first time.

I've had that car for ten years. Dang.

I had pretty much decided to get myself a Fiero, and had gone to a local credit union to get a free sale paper they distributed which often had good used car deals in it. On the way back from a fruitless trip to the place, I decided to take a slightly different route home than I normally would...and there, sitting in a driveway, nose out, was a gorgeous silver bumper-pad Fiero.

Looked over my shoulder, saw the "FOR SALE" sign in the driver's window, and nearly launched my girlfriend through the windshield stopping the Escort. (She was wearing her seatbelt, though, so she stayed put.)

...and the rest is history. Damn.


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