atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3375: Happy 45 to me!

...gave up trying to finish the bike last night (as blogged) and played D3. I've been running Owie, my female barbarian, because the barbarian hits stuff so hard it obliterates whatever it's fighting.

When you're pissed off and frustrated, it's very satisfying to hit a zombie and watch its again-lifeless corpse go flying bonelessly halfway across the screen. I awarded myself bonus points when the corpse would fall into a chasm or crevasse.

The physics engine for the game is pretty good. When you kill something, the body doesn't become part of the background, so if your attacks include air displacement that can be measured on the upper registers of the Beaufort scale, the body will move. I have "swept" bodies into holes in the ground this way.

So instead of taking a waypoint from New Tristram to where I was going, I took the long way and obliterated everything in my path. Then I kept going and defeated the Skeleton King before logging off and hitting the hay.

...which meant I was getting to bed about 3:30 AM. And I only slept for about four hours.

But! I got up and went to the hardware store, and bought a valve stem core tool for the princely sum of $2.66 with tax ($2.16 of which was pure profit for various entities) and then hit McDonald's for some quick and cheap eats. The eats are nearly et--and I'm not hungry any more--so I'm gonna go out to the garage and finish what I started.

At some point I need to bake a cake and frost it, too. *sigh*

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