atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3376: That was warmer than usual.

You have to understand, this is the first time I've ridden my motorcycle when it was 90° outside.

I got the motorcycle on September 11, 2011, and except for that ten-day warm spell in March it has been consistently below 68°. So regardless of how warm it felt when I was stationary, once I got moving I'd be cool/chilly/cold/freezing, depending on the temperature in still air, the amount of clothing I was wearing, and my average velocity.

Today, I was hot when stationary and warm/comfortable when moving.

Especially since I was wearing the usual kit: suede jacket, gloves, helmet, long pants. I only have one skin, and I like it, so I dress to protect it.

So as planned last night I rode over to Og's place, expecting him to be home, but two e-mails before I left here and a phone call while I was having a concrete at Culver's failed to elicit any response from him. I rode by when I was done at Culver's (and after a side trip to Harbor Freight for a tire gauge and a flashlight to leave in the bike trunk) and still there was absolutely no signs of life at Og's cave, so I figured he was still out cleaning the highway his gun club sponsors, or else he was doing something else fun.

And, hey, more power to him. The guy works really hard.

...but it's now almost 4 PM and I haven't baked my birthday cake yet. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and bought salad fixings and a big-ass potato for baking, but I just put that stuff in the fridge because I'm still working on digesting the concrete...and I am in fact pondering a nap, too, because I did (after all) only get 4 hours of sleep last night.

Whee! I can be like Louis Wu, only without the teleporter booth trip around the world!, I can't. Not even in miniature. I just don't have that kind of energy.

But the motorcycle rode fine, and I had fun.

* * *

I tried to put the front shock dust boots on, really I did...but in the process of trying to loosen the bolt on the right side, one of only two decent-length 14 mm combo wrenches that I have broke. (I have a "stubby" 14mm but it doesn't help when Gilgamesh tightened the damn bolt. There isn't enough leverage.)

I got the left side loosened up just fine, but the right side was put in stupidly--backwards, I think, so that the nut is in a tight spot; and when I applied the wrench to the nut, the open-end part spontaneously became even more open. I tried with the other wrench, but I couldn't get it on the nut in such a way that I could apply enough force to break the nut free.

"Why," I asked myself, "do I have only one 14mm wrench that can do this?" But the space where the nut is has too little room for any other wrench in my toolbox. I went to the tool chest to look for another one, and after looking for a few minutes I decided not to bother. I'll be taking the rear wheel off again when it's time to get the rear tire replaced. I am not going to do that job myself again; I'll pay someone to do it for me. That was excruciating. But when I've got the rear wheel off I can tilt the front end up like I did today and replace the dust boots then. (The front wheel will likely also be off so I can get its tire replaced.)

Other thing: the new rear brake shoes work great and they don't make a sound. They work so well I'm now considering replacing the front pads so I'm not tempted to stop the bike with just the rear brake.

The brake rotor on the front wheel needs turning, but I'll have to check the one on the spare--if it's not groovy like the one on the bike, I'll use it and save myself the cost of machining it. But replacing the brake rotor means removing the front wheel, blah blah blah etcetera, where just replacing the pads is a two-bolt operation. *sigh*

Oh well. Nap time!

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