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#3378: Recovery Sunday

It honestly didn't feel as if I worked that hard yesterday, but when I think about it I realize that I went like gangbusters all day long--from the moment I got up until the moment I laid down at 2 AM, I was running at full speed. was supposed to be a relaxing day.

Well, working on the motorcycle until 1:30 AM was part of it, and when I got to bed at 3:30 AM I only slept for four hours--from around 4 until 8-ish--and then just had a lie-in until 10:30 because I didn't feel like getting out of bed.

But then--hardware store for tool, McDonald's for food; and then working on the bike and riding it and coming home and cooking dinner and eating it, and then going back out on the bike to go see Og--

...I can't complain that it was a bad day, because I chose all that stuff, but man was it busy. So I'm having to do the "relax" part today instead.

There was no choir in church today so I skipped it. I'd set the alarm but when I woke up at 7--an hour before the alarm was set to go off--I thought, "Ehh, I'm going to sleep in," and shut the alarm off. I got up long enough to give the cats their usual Sunday morning treats, and went back to bed for six more hours.

I was just a wee bit tired.

* * *

Yesterday I actually thought to fix the grill, thinking I had the appropriate materials on hand. Boy was I wrong.

See, there's a guard or deflector which sits over the burner bar and runs the width of the grill. It's a simple piece of sheet steel, bent down the centerline at about a 100° angle. It's there to keep juices and grease from dropping directly onto the burner bar. This grill is more than a decade old, and the original piece has rusted apart so that I now have about an 11" gap and the ends rest on the burner bar. I've been meaning to make a new one for at least two years.

It's 29.5 inches in length, and the sheet of steel I've got (originally bought for another purpose) is 24". *sigh*

I gave some thought to making two halves, grabbing the welder, and stitching the halves together...and then thought, I ain't doing that now.

There's another piece of sheetmetal in my garage which is more than long enough and about the right width. All I'd have to do is cut it to length, trim the ends to the shape of the original piece (which form a very obtuse angle when flat, perhaps 170°) and bend it. There is only one minor problem.



See, galvanizing is an electrochemical process which bonds zinc to steel, and by doing this it prevents corrosion, or at least slows it way the hell down.

But you can't get galvanized metal very hot, because the zinc will burn...and while your body needs a certain amount of zinc to function correctly, it is not designed to acquire that zinc via your lungs. (This is why you should never weld galvanized metal, by the way, unless you have a separate air supply.) Zinc oxide in your vitamin pills and on your nose to prevent sunburn is just fine; zinc oxide in your lungs is not and you will get sick as a dog from it.

...apparently it won't cause any lasting harm, but the point of grilling something is to enjoy the food, not get yourself so sick that you have to camp out in the bathroom. I don't think it's worth the risk. Besides, this stuff is on the thin side.

So the grill still isn't fixed, and won't be until I can scrounge up or buy a hunk of 18 ga sheet steel about 30" long and perhaps 5" wide. (Actually I'll have to measure the thing to know what width I need.) It's usable, of couse, so it's not an emergency, but it'd be nice to have it be right.

* * *

I notice, by the way, that I didn't actually say that the new brake shoes for the bike came with Thursday's mail.

The old shoes did not look particularly bad. One was worn more than the other but it wasn't worn to the service limit. I have no idea why the rear brakes squealed like they did (only for the first few stops after it had sat a while) but they're silent now and work much better than they did before.

The return springs are strong enough that I really had to work at getting the shoes on. I had to figure out how to install the things since the manual doesn't discuss that. Since the actuating cam is removable, I simply put the new shoes together with the springs, slipped the cam between them, and then lowered this assembly onto the backing plate, pulling the shoes apart far enough to slip them over the lower mount while finagling the cam through its boss. It wasn't difficult but it required a good bit of strength to manage, and lacking a third hand I had to hold the cam in my mouth while prying apart the shoes to get it into place.

It must've looked silly, but it worked.

* * *

In D3 I stopped playing Ormusina the (female) Wizard and began playing through the first act with Owie, my female barbarian.

I should have named her "Olga" or something, because the character design and the voice for the toon make me think "east German mutant athlete". Like Anna Tereshkova in Yawara!, only with long red hair instead of a blue crew-cut.

(Like this, but with more hair and breasts. And a bigass axe.)

She's got all the charm of a dump truck, Owie does, but what she lacks in "cute" she makes up for in bitchsmack. As I said a few posts ago, the barbarian character class is built around strength, and when I whack a monster, the corpse goes flying halfway across the screen.

...while playing a bit last night before bed, I noticed that sometimes it is merely the skeleton of the monster which goes flying halfway across the screen. Somehow this is simultaneously both more and less satisfying.

* * *

While trying to find any picture of Anna Tereshkova, I found this on-line archive of scanlated Yawara!, so I know what I'll be reading for a while! It's like a birthday present a day late!

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