atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3381: Yesterday's chores were accomplished yesterday.

I got 'em all done, which makes me awesome.

There's a new list, less draconian:
1) Take grass trimmer string back and exchange for the right size
2) Go to bank to check balance in checking account
3) Buy Pepsi and other necessities
4) Bible study
Sometime this week I really have to get the Jeep out to Tinley Park to get it smogged. This consists of having a PDRIEPA employee plug a computer diagnostic cable into the Jeep's OBD2 port and record the results, and the actual test takes perhaps five minutes. For this, I must spend about two hours and two gallons of gas driving out there and back, and waiting in line.

It's a hidden tax, is what it is. I hate taxes.

* * *

Occupy protestor was hosting would-be terrorists in Chicago. I don't know who to believe. On the one hand, the Occupati are marxists and you can never trust anything those liars say. On the other hand, the Chicago police are run by a Democrat machine, and they're no more trustworthy than the marxists are. (And for the same reasons, strangely enough.)

But what I do know is that the woman that the article about is most assuredly 100% marxist: "NATO is a symptom of the global system of violence and oppression at the hands of the 1 percent." Any time anyone talks about "the global system of violence and oppression" that's pretty much proof that you're listening to a communist.

Before that she says this: "Boeing is a corporate war criminal who profits off of violence on a mass scale. The people of the world will confront Boeing, holding it accountable for the crimes they have committed." That's just full of the faulty logic and shoddy grammar of the typical marxist, and I'm sure I don't have to explain why or how.

...but it is entirely possible this woman didn't realize that her guests--with whom she admits she was not well-acquainted--were using her house as a place to make molotov cocktails.

"Possible", yes. I just don't happen to believe her. Sorry, but there's too much evidence that the Occupati are violence-prone hardwired communists.

(The ones claiming to want "anarchy" don't actually want that. They want communism; just listen to them. But try not to laugh, because they have no sense of humor and will firebomb your house if they feel as if you've disrespected them.)

* * *

SpaceX gets their ISS mission into orbit. Now all that needs to happen is for everything to check out correctly, and then they can make the first commercial spacecraft docking with ISS.

* * *

Obama's strategies appear to be backfiring. He tried the "Republican war on women" and that didn't go over very well. He nixed the Keystone XL pipeline, and that didn't go over well either. He came out for gay marriage but more than half the country knows he only did it to curry favor with a voting bloc.

The economy is in tatters, and because ObamaCare is wildly unpopular the only real achievement that Obama can point to is the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

Which is why the government is cooking the employment books wherever it can.

Actually, this has to do with jobs in the coal industry. Remember how Obama campaigned on coal power becoming prohibitively expensive? Apparently he didn't realize that making coal power prohibitively expensive would lead to job losses, or didn't care--but right now, in election season, he needs there to be no economic impact from his idiotic policies, because he can't win re-election if people realize that his policies are causing all this.

This is why the reported unemployment rate is 8.1%.

* * *

I've already said it once: by the standards the left wishes to apply in the case of Elizabeth Warren, my ownership of a Jeep Cherokee entitles me to say I'm part Cherokee Indian.

The attempt to rescue Elizabeth Warren from her delusional and fraudulent claim of partial indian ancestry has come to this: "...Warren's claim to be 'part Indian' is correct in mythical terms. Every old-school white Oklahoman is in this regard even if this is nominally not true."

...she's not part indian, but she kind-of is because she wants to be?

Do these people even listen to themselves?

* * *

That alleged teacher who claimed that it's illegal to denigrate the President she likes has been suspended with pay. She's a social studies teacher and doesn't know the First Amendment to the Constitution? I think that throws her qualifications into doubt, don't you?

* * *

Apparently DC is retconning one of their A-list heroes into a homosexual, and WORM thinks it'll be Wonder Woman. His reasons make sense to me.

But we're told by a DC writer, Batman is gay. Actually, not Batman himself but the concept is gay. But WORM says:
I’d laugh if they made Batman gay, but they wouldn’t dare. First, because he’s the Gee Dee Batman. But “I piss on childhood memories” artistes don’t care about that. No, it’s because Bruce Wayne has adopted, like, three 13 year-old boys over the years. Heh heh. Yeah, that’d really advance the gay cause.
What DC cares to do with its biggest money-makers is their own affair, but this whole thing about gay superheroes is a fad.

Making Wonder Woman a lesbian would not hurt sales nearly as much as having Batman be gay. Typical fanboy response, "Lesbians are hot," would probably lead to an increase in sales of WW comic books.

But gay Batman? Please. You make that move and you'll be re-retconning it (but quietly) within a year or two.

...either way it doesn't really make a damned bit of difference to me, but it's fun to talk about.

* * *

I've seen something like this happen. It wasn't as dramatic as dropping a $7.5 million custom yacht bow-first into the drink, capsizing it and therefore ruining its sale value; but it was still pretty bad.

At the marina where my parents kept their sailboat, they had a sizable dry-stack storage. A guy would pick your boat up with a specialized forklift and put it on a rack; when you wanted to use it, he'd take it off the rack and put it in the water. When you were done, out of the water and onto the rack again. It was cheaper than dockspace, but it was really only good for powerboats and IIRC they had to be less than thirty feet long.

Anyway, they also had a big sling crane to move larger boats in and out of the water, so you could get your boat out in autumn and put it on a cradle for winter storage. Come spring, once you'd finished whatever maintenance you were handling, they'd drive the big crane over, pick up your boat, and lower it into the water.

It was a big machine. The wheels were taller than I was (I was eleven or twelve) and it was essentially a cube. Very much like this:

So one fine morning there was this THUD...

A sling had slipped and the boat that was being moved had fallen. I recall seeing a crack near the hull's keel, but it wasn't a big one and you can repair fiberglas. But apparently being dropped like that had shredded the boat's interior. I wasn't allowed close enough to see any detail, being a little kid, but that's what I heard from others.

...which is why places that do that kind of work carry a lot of insurance.

* * *

None of the chores I have to do today are critical, but if I don't want to be curled up in a corner nursing a splitting headache from caffiene withdrawal (tomorrow) I'd better go do at least a couple of them.

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