atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3383: I THOUGHT I recognized that voice.

I've been playing D3 with the Templar for my mercenary, exclusively, because I like how he fights. The voice, however, sounded familiar to me; and after a couple days' worth of playing I finally realized that it sounded like the security guy from Enterprise. What was the character's name--Reed, that was it. Could not remember the actor's name nor could I remember the character's first name, but that was who it sounded like.

I thought I was wrong.

...last night it actually occurred to me that I could use Google to find out, perhaps...and mirabile visu when I actually asked the question, finding the answer wasn't all that hard.

As soon as I saw the name "Dominic Keating" I patted myself on the back for having good ears.

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