atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3384: Now, this is just silly.

WEER'D talks about a pilot who's in trouble because he took a gun aboard an airplane.

Okay: the pilot's got a legal right to own and carry a firearm. He mistakenly left the gun in the bag he used on a trip to Virginia Beach, and it was aboard various aircraft he flew to various destinations.

Injuries: 0.00...0

Fatalities: 0.00...0

Hijacking attempts: 0.00...0

Now, there's a federal program where pilots can carry loaded firearms in the cockpits of aircraft while on duty. The feds have arrested this guy because he brought a loaded gun aboard an airplane, because he's not a participant in that program.

Why is this even an issue?

Let's face it: if you can't trust the pilot to fly the plane safely to its destination, who the hell can you trust? If he's going to cause any kind of trouble he can do it without bringing a gun aboard.

Either a pilot having a gun aboard an airplane is a bad idea--in which case pilots should not be allowed to carry--or else it doesn't fucking matter, in which case the alleged crime committed by this pilot is arrant nonsense.

Guess which camp I fall in.

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