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#3386: Picked up the edit job again, finally

Ran through about 90 pages last night, fixing stuff. The story is not markedly different but somehow just reads better. I hope that I'm not overrefining it.

* * *

Romney's a racist because he said that hispanics are getting a "third world education" here.

Well, it turned out that what Romney said is that all kids (well, his words were "millions of") who are subjected to public education in this country are getting a third world education. How is that racist?

* * *

So Larry Flynt is up to his usual idiocy. (AoSHQ link.)


Is this the best debate tactic they've got? Is this all they can manage? C'mon--this kind of thing is funny and edgy


and ought to be looked at with disdain by anyone over the age of fourteen.

Michelle Malkin on the four stages of conservative woman abuse from the left.

Limbaugh calls a left-wing slut a slut, she's put-upon and defended by every womens' rights group that exists.

This kind of thing? Crickets.

I could forgive this kind of thing if it added anything to the debate, or if it were even in any way insightful or incisive...but it's not. It's just peurile and stupid.

But it's all they've got.

* * *

Doubting global warming is a crime against humanity now.
Donald Brown, a professor of Environmental Ethnics, Science and Law at Penn State, stated, "We should encourage a conversation whether this is some kind of new crime against humanity. It’s really evil stuff."
It's "really evil stuff" to ask, "Okay, so why did you assholes have to make up all kinds of data in order to prove your point?"

It's "really evil stuff" to note that CO2 concentrations lag changes in global climate?

It's "really evil stuff" to point out that there hasn't been any warming since 1998 even as CO2 concentrations continue to increase?

It's "really evil stuff" to observe that there are other explanations for climate change besides a change in 0.78% of the atmosphere?

One of us has a skewed idea of what "really evil stuff" is. See, I thought "really evil stuff" was things like the Holocaust, you know, or Lenin starving the kulaks, or Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge--things where people are murdered en masse for having the wrong opinion or religion. I figure that is "really evil stuff"...


...but of course my paycheck doesn't depend on people buying into climate "science", either.

* * *

Another example of leftists not wanting the truth told because it makes them look bad. A woman who suffered greatly under sha'ria should not have written an article exposing the abuses of women under the religion of death.

Yeah. The same way people weren't supposed to talk about all the murder under communism, now we're supposed to shut up and ignore the death cult's totalitarianism.

God damn it, these skunks have never met a brutal system they didn't love.

* * *

White woman calls black people on littering, and they beat her for it. No, it's not racism at all! These poor oppressed people just had enough of THE MAN telling them what to do!

You racist cracker! How dare you expect those slave-descended victims to conform to your white-priveleged societal rules? You're lucky all they did was beat you! They were justified in doing a lot worse to you and you ought to get down on your knees and thank GOD they went easy on you!


* * *

Two from Boortz about our third-world educational system:

The easiest major to take is education. At that, GPAs are typically on the low side. It really does point up the old saying, "Those who can't do, teach."

There are, here and there, some really bright people teaching--but they are by far and away in the minority, and if my personal experience is any guide the people who go into teaching below college-level tend to be hard left and can't learn mathematics past algebra.

The other article: School searches lockers, confiscates kid's inhaler, kid nearly dies.

...there had been a release signed, but it when they found this kid's inhaler, they confiscated it, and wouldn't even give it to him when he was laying on the floor of the nurse's office, gasping for air.

Isn't socialized education a wonderful thing?

* * *

Simply gorgeous day today, and all I managed to do was sleep.

...working until almost 4 AM on the novel, I managed to put in a solid seven hours of work on it. But after running off the edited pages on the printer, I didn't have any energy left for proofreading them and ended up going to bed...and I slept.

When I took a 20-minute break to make something to eat, I had to remind myself that I needn't feel guilty for staying up late working on the novel: "This is work, old son, even if it doesn't feel like it!"

Except for the time I spent trying to pin down something my Control Systems professor said when I was in tech school. He said that the stepper motor was invented in 1912 by a guy named "C.B. Chicken"--not sure of the spelling--and I was trying to find proof that it was correct. Ultimately I decided to excise the entire reference in the story because it really wasn't necessary.

But the novel is progressing, which is a good thing, and I'm hoping to put in a few more hours' work on it tonight.

I just haven't been much in the mood for WoW or D3 over the past couple of days, and I'm not sure why. If I were to log on I'd probably while away a few hours happily smashing monsters, but the motivation to log on is just not there.

But, WTF--this way I get stuff done, so it's not all bad, is it?

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