atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3390: Ah, that's the Word I know and love!

I was able to set styles in the text without too much trouble. The process is fairly transparent to a 99% percentile computer user like me.

...having to go through the entire novel and assign styles to the text, not so easy, but I managed to do it; and once that was done I turned my attention to finishing the edit job.

Of course, when you highlight some text and tell Word to change it to this or that particular style, it's a crapshoot whether or not Word actually assigns all the characteristics of that style to the selection--so I had to go through and change font selections on a bunch of chapter headings. They were the right style but stayed Times New Roman, and if I tried reapplying the style then Word would ask me if I wanted to change the style. There was even a check box that would let me tell Word to do that automatically; but no check box to say, "No, the style ALWAYS overrides the extant settings".

Furthermore, Word took a section of text where a guy is speaking out loud to a psionic creature which communicates via telepathy, and its telepathic dialogue is denoted in italic text. Well, Word helpfully switched it around for me:
"I'm speaking out loud now!"
I am communicating telepathically.
"Isn't it neat how Word did this so thoroughly? It's pages and pages like this!"
We are most impressed with how Word impedes the writing process.
I couldn't believe it. "Are you saying you still use word processors?"
Our material doesn't write itself!
"Couldn't you use a Mac or something? Maybe that novel-writing software they came out with?"
Macintosh computers cost far too much for our taste. And we don't like the EULA for that program; it seizes too much of the IP rights and we don't wish to give Apple the right to censor our work.
I thought that over. "Boy, you noncorporeal types must have it bad."
It's no picnic! But we get by.
And so on. *sigh* That example is the opposite of how I wrote the originally scene, of course, but Word "fixed" it for me...and I stubbornly insisted on doing it my way, so I had to manually switch all the formatting back.

But the that's done, too, now, including the incorporation of all the rest of the red marks.

So the next step is to print the remaining pages, find my errors, fix them...then come up with some chapter titles and finish THAT task.

Do a final print, get it bound, and shop it around to the test readers. Og is one; my pastor, his wife, and their son are another three. Figure out what needs fixing, fix it, and then--

Yeah, then comes the hard part. Writing it and getting it ready for publication is the fun and easy part; getting someone to pay me good money for it-- But it's getting there!

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