atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3394: Hot Sunday!

No fudge, just heat. *sigh*

When I got up at 7:35 to start getting ready for church, I could tell it was going to get hot. I closed the windows that I'd opened last night.

When I got home from church, I was glad I had, because it was already almost 90 outside. At 10:10 AM. Shit.

...rode the motorcycle to church, BTW. Heh.

* * *

Dead Man Dance: "Today’s forecast is 'blowing dust.'"

Wonder if the EPA is going to get after them for that? After all, DUST IS DANGEROUS!!!

Oh, wait! That's naturally-occurring dust so it's okay, right?


* * *

Right now there's an hour before the race starts. I went to bed later than I'd wanted to, and didn't sleep all that well (of course) so what I really want to do is got to sleep. But I also want to see the race.

Best plan is to lay in bed with the blab slab showing it, but there's an hour to go before they're finished with all the pre-race stupidity and actually get to the race. That's all I care about; the pagentry is just nonsense.

What I really can't stand is how the broadcast begins around 10 AM CDT, and it's nothing but yammer yammer yammer. Noise, people talking to fill the time, and they are talking about nothing.

The prize line is still, "There's only going to be one winner of this race." NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. Out of, what, 33 cars, only one can come in first? What madness is this? I thought we were supposed to do away with "winners" and "losers" and make everyone equal, so no one gets his feelings hurt or suffers decreased self-esteem? Why isn't the Indy 500 an outcome-based race, where everyone's a winner because he or she or "it" tried so hard?

Where's the Affirmative Action ensuring that women and minorities are properly represented? We need to make IndyCar inclusive by including proportionate representation of "african americans", hispanics, asians, gays, the "transgendered", "native americans", women, and the "differently abled". Who cares if they can't drive worth a shit? It's much more important to be inclusive.

...the notion that a shithead sitting in a sound booth has to inform us that there can only be one winner just drives me batty. Argh etc.

* * *

Redacted: the rest of the "affirmative action" rant.

* * *

So the bunker's thermostat is set to 76° and I think that'll do. With it set in that area, I am generally on the "slightly too warm" side of comfortable, and last year I didn't have to pay out the anus for electricity when I did that. Hopefully it'll be about the same this year.

And a fan helps with the "slightly too warm" part.

...but next year, despite who wins in November, electricity and gas will be much more expensive. I don't expect Romney to do anything about reining in the EPA if he wins.

* * *

Well, writing this and playing 10 hands of Freecel took about 40 minutes. Guess I can turn on the TV and mute it for the next 20 or so....

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