atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3402: Done and done.

I'm back from running my erands, and I'm kind of scared at how smoothly everything went.

First stop: K-mart, to return the still wrong trimmer line that I exchanged the original one for--and anyway, while swapping the printers last night I found the whole pack of line that came with the trimmer and the associated manuals. Also, I bought cat food.

Second stop: OfficeMax, where I not only got my novel bound, but also picked up a nice desk lamp for $13 and tax. I had wanted to look at K-mart for one and had forgotten; but this one is pretty nice, at a good price, and it even came with a CFL bulb.

Instead of turning on the floor lamp on the far side of the room, and have five big (100w incandescent equivalent) CFLs going in order to get enough light over by my desk, I figured something like this would be a better idea. On its minimum setting the floor lamp illuminates two bulbs; and the bedside lamp is a 100w incandescent and doesn't throw enough light by itself.

I've only needed a desk lamp for a couple of years, since I broke the architect's lamp I used to have.

Third stop: emissions station. No waiting, and the test took five minutes.

Fourth stop: Wendy's, for dinner (3 double stacks, no cheese).


Tomorrow I'll take the motorcycle over to village hall to get the Jeep's city sticker; and then I just might stop in at the Yamaha dealership to ask about chains, master links, et al, et cetera.

* * *

Toner for the 2170: $44 if I use the OfficeMax brand; $48 if I use the Brother brand. I think I'll order one or two from Amazon.

The only thing is, though--the 2040 is a lot quieter and it's also a lot nicer about how it suspends. The 2170 has a big BRIGHT illuminated button on it; if the printer is on--even on standby--and I turn the lights off in the room, I can nearly read by the damned thing, so I have to put something over it. When it comes time to print, of course I must remove whatever-it-is, because it gets in the way of the paper. Then I must put it back when finished, because otherwise I'll go to bed, turn out the light, and have to get right back up to cover that F-ING BUTTON. Argh etc.

2040: four status LEDs, all of which shut off entirely when the printer is in standby. (In fact, just now I checked to confirm that, and thought the printer was off entirely. It wasn't.)

So, what I could do is to take the 2170 and put it in a central location, and set up its WiFi connection, so that anyone who's visiting here who needs to print something can do it. Just turn the thing on (I'm not leaving it on all the time when I won't use it hardly ever) and print away!

...once I get toner for it, that is.

The 2170 is a little faster than the 2040 is. The print quality is identical. The only thing the 2170 has that the 2040 doesn't is the wireless printing capability I don't use anyway.

* * *

I was thinking about cutting the grass--and realized that it hasn't rained here for a while. I'm trying to remember when it last rained, and I'm drawing a blank.

Despite washing the Jeep last Friday. Dang.

Anyway, the grass is turning brown and not growing, because like all plants grass needs water. So I don't need to cut it.

Now that I have string for the damn thing I might get the weed trimmer out and go trim everything; but that's optional at this point because the grass is not growing.

Good chance of rain later this week, though, so that's fine.

...last night I took a ride on the motorcycle. I threw caution to the wind by going down a dead-end side street to watch a thunderstorm. It was enormous and far away, and it didn't come anywhere near the Fungal Vale. We could have used some of that rain.

(No, the police didn't follow me and then threaten me with a parking ticket or anything else stupid like that. I was able to sit and look at the t-storm unhindered by jackbooted thugs.)

Weather looks to be all over the place in the next 10 days--hot and humid, stormy, cool and dry, cool and wet, etcetera. Well, that's spring early summer in NE Illinois for you.

* * *

I guess I should do something other than sit here and stare at the monitor.

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