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#3403: I'm too damned tired to do anything

I should have been able to send my novel to the Kindle without any trouble--but I am having trouble.

Step one was simply to "print to Kindle". What that gave me was a PDF (like I couldn't have done that myself!) which doesn't display correctly: I can read it with a magnifying glass. I can't find any "reflow" option, either.

Step two was to try to find a MOBI convertor. I found one; it was recommended by folks on the Kindle forum but it can't handle .DOC input. So I put the PDF into it, and what I got out of it was a mess, because there's a space after each line of text:
So the writing looks kind of
like this, and it's really

especially when it treats each line of
text as if it's its own paragraph
and you

have to keep skipping those big empty
spaces in the text.

So I'm going to have to dive into the program and figure out WTF I need to change to make it work.

This is what kept me up 'way past my bedtime last night.

* * *

So Obama's ignorance of history rears its ugly head again. He called them "Polish" death camps, not "Nazi" or even "German".

Yes, the death camps were located in Poland. No, they are not Polish.

Just imagine the outcry had Dan Quayle said it.

* * *

Obama has an enemies list, and it's being used. Well--dictators frequently have enemies lists because they're weak at the core and can't stand the idea that someone might disagree with them.

Hitler, for example, has been characterized as--at his core--a deeply frightened man.

...I was going to write a disclaimer saying that Obama's not a dictator, but in fact he shows all the signs of wanting to be one. No President has done more to make the Presidency imperial than he has, not since FDR at any rate. Obama has only gotten away with it because the press is on his side: they want him to have extra-Constitutional levels of power. As long as it's him or another Democrat wielding that power, they're totally fine with it.

* * *

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is granted at the President's discretion. This is why he can give one to Bob Dylan. It seems he also awarded one to Harvey Milk, apparently for being a lawyer who was also a gay ephebophile.

Anyway, Obama's awarding this thing to Bob Dylan (who sings...poorly) does cheapen the thing significantly, but when you consider the one given to Milk's corpse, you realize it was more of a coup de grace than anything else.

* * *

Unions have outlived their usefulness in American society.

Further proof. When unions get to the point that they are strangling the business--asking for unreasonable concessions in the worst economy in 80 years is probably a good example of this--they have survived past need.

Unions were formed, originally, because companies were overworking people for too little pay and treating them as if they were disposable. Since then, however, our government has enacted a surfeit of labor laws which have made harsh working conditions illegal. We now have the 40-hour work week, and if you're a wage earner the government mandates that you must be paid 150% of your regular wage if you go over 40 hours per week.

If your union would rather kill the company than give ground, they are not helping you.

* * *

Two from Denninger, related:

First is an explanation of how loose credit policies and high governemnt spending have devalued the dollar by 35%. It seques into Denninger's usual discussion of how governments cannot spend more than they tax without risking exactly the kind of shit we're seeing now.

And the media are trying to tell us that if the GOP challenges Obama on raising the debt ceiling again it "endangers the recovery".
The US Government has debased your purchasing power by 10% a year for four years running -- that is, it has emitted new credit money into the system equal to approximately 10% of the economy for the last four years. If you have a job you've managed to gain 7% over the last three years in your wage.
This is what I mean when I say "there is no recovery". What there is, instead, is our government borrowing a shitton of money and spending it, artificially inflating GDP--gaming the numbers!--to make it look as if the economy is expanding.

When, in fact, we're simply running up the old credit card...all the while trying to ignore the fact that someone's eventually going to be coming by to collect on that debt. And it's just possible that he might be nicknamed "the Shark" and carry a crowbar.

All it's really doing is hastening the collapse, and making it worse.

* * *

Besides the hopeless flopping around with format conversion last night, I (of course) went to Bible study and ran all those errands--and I was tired to begin with.

I'm sure the pleasantly cool weather has something to do with my state, also, but the summary is that I just can't make myself move right now.

So, I think we all know what that means.

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