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#341:Ichigo 100%, one episode in

My copy is a fansub, and apparently the source tapes were recorded from the TV broadcasts in Japan.

The series is in roughly the same format as the early Urusei Yatsura UY episodes were: each 24-minute episode (meant to take a half hour of broadcast time when commercials are included) consists of two 12-minute story segments, in effect giving two episodes in a single half-hour broadcast slot.

It worked for UY; each segment was a complete chapter of the manga and the story didn't require a lot of exposition to get started. But Ichigo 100% is no UY, and so the first episode tries to cram too much story into too little space.

The end result is a nagging feeling that the whole story is not being told; though the viewer is given no reason to think so, things seem too simple.

The main character confesses his love for the most popular girl in school, who inexplicaby accepts his confession and becomes his girlfriend--I kept thinking there had to be more to it, that she was simply playing a trick, or using him for some other purpose; but as the story moved forward I came to realize that she seemed to be entirely on the level. There simply was not enough time in the episode for enough characterization to make her motivations clear to the viewer.

Of course the producers are under no obligation to make everything plain to us in the first episode, and it could be that she is going to make our hero miserable later--but it's not how I read the episode, and it would be a serious departure from the norm in anime for something like that to take place. I don't think this is that kind of series; it's a comedy, not an angst-fest.

I'm not sure about the animation, yet, either. It has a cheap look to it, suited more for a kids' show than one aimed at a teenaged audience. My opinion may be influenced by the fact that I was watching Piano before I watched this. It can be hard to shift gears and go from shoujo to shounen anime.

Well, it came to me as a torrent download, so it's not like I shelled out a lot of money for it. The first episode didn't suck, which is unlike some things I've seen, and I am looking forward to seeing more.

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