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#3405: Perhaps a title will come to me.

And perhaps not.

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Obama admits his "Yes We Can" slogan was stolen from a socialist. But I'm sure she's happy he did it, since he got elected and gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and is pushing socialism just as hard as he can.

If he weren't a "fellow traveler" she would have sued him.

* * *

The death cult is preventing the eradication of polio. Why am I not surprised that a bunch of backwards, superstitious savages are standing in the way of eradicating a crippling disease?

* * *

SpaceX is not resting on its laurels but working on the Falcon9 Heavy, which will have an on-orbit payload of some 53 tons. Since a metric ton is 1,000 kilograms (or a megagram--why don't they just say "megagram"?) it's equal to 2240 pounds, and that means Falcon9 Heavy can boost a bit shy of 60 tons to low Earth orbit.

Three Shuttle payloads, or 60% of a Saturn V payload...but at $1,000 per pound, which is cheaper than either one ever managed. (Adjusted for inflation; and possibly not.)

And reusable so it ought to get even cheaper as time goes on, especially since--as the article points out--there will be competitors.

* * *

The economy! It's a ball of wonderful!

20,000 apply for 877 job openings at a Hyundai plant. Yeah, that's because unemployment is only 8.1%!

If you're a man aged 25-55, you're reallyscrewed!

Consumer confidence is really, really low!
Consumer confidence took a "surprise" tumble in May, as home prices hit 10-year lows. Tell us again why economists keep calling bad economic news about Obama's so-called recovery "unexpected"?
Because they're leftists, that's why, and still think that John Maynard Keynes is 100% correct!

Read all of that one; it's pure gold.

Karl Denninger sees nothing good in the May jobs report.

And he says that JP Morgan was running two sets of books, something gangsters do with their "legitimate businesses" when they're laundering money.

* * *

Armed EPA agents? Is EPA a law-enforcement agency? Do they arrest people? Why do they need to be armed?

Our government is just full of jackbooted thugs, yet if you say so, people look at you as if you're a lunatic.

* * *

Dictator wannabe Bloomberg wants to tell people what they may and may not buy. Should you drink lots of sugar water? Not really; it's bad for you--but you have the right to make that determination for yourself, damn it. It's not up to Michael Bloomberg or Barack Hussein or Nancy Pelosi or anyone in government to make that decision for anyone other than themselves.

I feel exactly the same way about smoking. Yeah, it's bad for you; it's a significant risk factor for lung disease--but I don't have the right to keep you from smoking. (That "seconhand smoke" bullshit is total nonsense. It's fine if you don't like the smell--I don't--but it's not a significant risk factor for lung disease unless you're habitually sucking the smoke right from the smoker's mouth, ie getting exactly the same amount of exposure as a smoker would.)

If we really want to do something about "the obesity epidemic" in this country maybe we ought to stop telling people to eat nothing but carbohydrates, you know? Tell people to lower their glycemic indices so that their bodies stop producing so much insulin, which makes them store calories as fat. Go back to the old food pyramid which put the emphasis on protein and fat, rather than grains, cereals, fruits, and vegetables...which are essentially nothing but starch and sugar.

* * *

Got to love this classic Borepatch post on the AGW folks. It's about how the AGW folks don't want people to test their claims, lest they be found wanting:
...[T]he primary - perhaps singular - requirement of science is data. Access to data (to see if someone made a mistake or to compare it to a different set of data) is simply a given, if something is to be considered scientific. Otherwise, how is the hypothesis falsifiable? The assertions would be immune to disproof.

An interesting thing is going on in the Global Warming debate - one group of scientists (the global warmers) is refusing to release their data.
This post is from 2009, and of course by now the data has actually been released...and has since been falsified, demonstrated to be adjusted and normalized into semirandom noise which shows whatever the climatologists want it to say.

The AGW folks didn't want that. They don't want people to be able to falsify their claims, because if any real science is done people will discover anthropogenic global warming is a complete hoax and the climatologists will be out of a job.

* * *

Liberal myths.
...[T]his myth conceals so much of the decidedly anti-egalitarian history of the Democratic party. After all, this is a party that traces its roots not only to Andrew Jackson’s fight for the common man, but also to many of the corrupt urban machines of the 19th century, not to mention the Jim Crow regime of the South. These inconvenient truths mean that Democratic attacks against Republican perfidy always rang a little false throughout history. As Bryan and Truman were railing against the GOP for being the party of privilege, both were happy to maintain the licenses enjoyed by the segregationist South. (Truman's hypocrisy on civil rights was especially noteworthy, as he worked hard behinds the scenes in the 1948 convention to kill a civil rights plank modeled after his own commission's proposals!)
As I said before, the biggest act of political hoodwinkery ever perpetrated was when the Democrat Party convinced most blacks to vote for them.

* * *


It's chilly and rainy today, but at least we're finally getting some f-ing precipitation.


Since choir is over until September, I don't have choir practice tonight. I think I'm just as happy. I like being in choir but it is kind of a pain sometimes.


It occurs to me that the hardware store may have master links. I've asked the Fiero forum what it thinks about the endless versus clip-type-master-link chain issue. It'd be wonderful if I could just go buy 104 links of 503 at the hardware store, and a clip-type master, and replace the chain that way. Wouldn't it?

...but it's not the way to bet.


One year ago today I got out of the nuthatch. Here's the first post-hospitalization post. What else can I say about it?

* * *

I felt kind of crummy yesterday--gut cramps, etc--and so I ended up sleeping a lot. I feel a bit better today.

* * *

So my big plan was to go to the bank for some cash, then to get a city sticker for my Jeep, and then to therapy.

...there was a line at the village hall for city stickers. Of course I'm not the only one who waited until the last minute; there were several folks who didn't have renewal forms who were getting city stickers, and I had to wait my turn.

It took about 30 seconds for me to get mine, because I'd filled out my check in advance rather than stand there writing it. All I had to do was fill in the number (because while the sticker is $50 I wasn't sure if there was an extra fee or tax or something) (don't scoff at there being a tax on a tax. They'll do it whenever they can!).

But it made me about 5 minutes late for therapy, dang it.

Oh well. No biggie, I guess.

But all I'd had to eat was a bagel around 11 AM, so I ended up going out to Culver's for the DD combo. I feel better now.

Once it's not quite so crappy outside I'll strip off the old sticker and apply the new one. Not now, though.

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