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#3407: I seem to have learned how to cook hamburgers

Last night, needing food, I took out a chub of ground beef and defrosted it in the microwave, then divided it into three equal portions, made patties, and fried them.

After browning both sides thoroughly I dumped in about half a cup of red wine and covered the pan, and let them go for about 15 minutes, just until the french fries I'd put in the oven were done.

Two of them and the fries ended up being dinner, and they were great--except that I had forgotten to put salt and pepper on the meat, first. A slice of colby, onion, pickle, K and M on the bun--but I forgot the basic spices.

They disappeared regardless, because while they were sub-optimal without salt they were still extremely tasty. (Could have put salt on, but didn't. Too hungry.)

When I ate the third, later on, I did put salt on it, and it was just fine, even cold.

The next time I buy beef this way, I'm going to have some of the hamburger delivered as patties instead of having it all in chubs.

* * *

Anime, WoW--ran through the playlist and then was on WoW until 3 AM. I've been pounding instances with (Wyrmrest Accord) Ormus because he's right at the level to do all the Burning Crusade instances I almost never do--Botanica, Mechanar, Arcatraz, etcetera. Rather than get the bonuses for doing randoms I'm selecting specific instances to run, so I don't have to keep repeating the same ones over and over again (did Sethekk Halls about 4 times yesterday and that was enough). We were down to the final boss in Arcatraz when we wiped; healer left without a word and shortly thereafter one of the other DPS left.

Tank left after about ten minutes in queue, and at the one hour mark--with not even a replacement DPS showing up!--I gave up, said "see ya" to the other DPS remaining, and went to bed.

On the plus side, Ormus is 70th level, and can quest in Northrend. It's kind of kicking his ass a bit, though. If I can just get through more of the BC instances I might have gear to help me handle that, but of course it's also true that the lowbie quests in Northrend gear you up to handle the place rather nicely.

The anime, however--

The art in Tenshi na Koniamaiki ep 35 is spectacularly bad. I've more or less gotten used to seeing some craptastic drawing in that series but ep 35 reached a new low. Having revisited the manga I see that the character designs (as bad as they tend to be in spots) are faithful to the manga, but I'm not talking about that; I'm talking about the execution of the animation itself.

Pretty obvious that they spared every possible expense on animation. I don't know what they had to pay Megumi Hayashibara to get her to play the main character but I'd wager they had to economize on animation because of that. At the time TnK was made she was pretty much at the pinnacle of success for voice actors in Japan, having won the "best voice actor" award in Japan for several years in a row. And voice acting is "work for hire"; you don't retain rights to your performance...and Megumi Hayashibara has a radio show and is a recording star to boot, both of which she does retain the rights for, and which pay better than voice acting to begin with.

Of course her performance is perfect. But it's the only perfect thing about the whole series.

* * *

The final tally for the chain issue seems 90% in favor of using a clip-type master link. Mainly, it seems, you just have to make sure it's installed the right way and then don't let your chain get all crapped up. Well, if I can take the dang thing off, I can keep it clean pretty easily.

* * *

The grating thing about last night? I forgot to put out the trash.

Thursday night I took the trash out as usual and went to put the can at the foot of the driveway, and then remembered: Monday was a holiday. Trash collection is therefore pushed back a day, which meant my neighborhood's garbage was being collected on Saturday rather than Friday.

I had the can at the base of the driveway before I realized this, so I lugged it back up--and I should have just left it there. Not because they came around on Friday morning, oh no! Because I forgot to take it down Friday evening, that's why.

This morning I woke up and realized that I hadn't taken it down, so I got up and lugged it down. I looked around, saw that the neighbor to the south had his garage door open and no can in evidence; then I looked to the north and saw the garbage truck at the north end of the street. Sighing, I lugged the can back up to the top of the driveway.

Well, I thought, there's plenty of room in the can and it won't hurt to have missed it.

Got back into bed.

Noise from outside--looked out the window, and there was the truck coming southbound down the street, stopping for trash pickup--yep, as expected.

Almost fell asleep, heard more noise from outside--truck was stopped at my northern neighbor's house, northbound, and I said many bad words.

So from now on, if I make a mistake like I did this week, and take the can down a day early? It's just going to stay there until after the adjusted trash day, damn it.

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