atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3410: Put the bike back together

I ended up having to take the clutch cover off, too, in order to feed the chain through. That's six bolts, though, plus taking the shifter assembly off; it's a pretty quick R&R. I thought I'd have to adjust the clutch, but it was fine.

I'm thinking now that the oil leak there is coming from the clutch pushrod seal. There's plenty of room around the pushrod, and there shouldn't be.

Anyway I put the chain on, and the master link went on, and when I spun the rear tire there was just smooth motion. The chain made a proper "engaging sprocket" sound as it turned, but was otherwise whisper silent.

The "ass-o-meter" says that the bike is performing better and smoother. I don't know how much is psychological and how much is real.

So, yay me.

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