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#3411: "Convenient"? How the hell did that happen?

Today the first installment of government rent is due on the bunker and associated land. Owing to the fact that a completely predictable event caught 3/4 of my family off guard (despite knowing about it at least a month in advance) I didn't get anyone else's payment for the thing until Saturday, and I can't pay it all myself.

I was afraid I'd have to go to Joliet to get it paid on time; but I had to check the web site for a tax bill for the vacant lot anyway and happened to see that "over 100 banks" accept Will County property tax payments.

Called my bank, confirmed that they do; so all I had to do was go over to the bank I do all my banking at anyway to get the bill paid on-time.

No post office "express delivery" nonsense, no fees, no nothin'--just write the check and you're done.

I'm sure our betters in the PDRI government will find a way to fix that.

* * *

So the mainstream media is trying to get governors from successful states to say that their success is due to Obama. Yeah, like Texas, for example--Texas has consistently turned in good employment numbers even during the worst of the Obama economy. Texas has done well in spite of Obama's best efforts, not because of them; but as Obama has nothing whatsoever to run on (other than "my opponent is a meany-mean-head! Bain Capital! See? Mean-head!") his running dogs in the press are desperately trying to gin up something positive.

Oh, but Dan Rather says there is no bias in the media. It's a "sham", or "a camoflage".

Yeah, the guy who tried to foist the "Texas Air National Guard" story on us in 2004, he is telling us that there's no liberal bias in the media. "I pushed a story that wasn't true, and there's plenty of evidence that I knew what I was doing--but I'm telling you, there is no liberal bias in the media!"

Sure thing, pal.

* * *

Jackie Mason makes fun of Obama for Obama's comment that he "knows all about Jews". (Because he read about them, I guess, or something.)

* * *

Boortz is retiring from talk radio on January 21, 2013. The day of the inauguration will be his last day as a regular broadcaster.

I hope he enjoys his retirement for years. Decades.

* * *

Dumbass tries to carry a propane tank in his minivan. No. Okay? Just NO.

* * *

Tokyo market hits its lowest point since 1984.

Economic realities are rearing their ugly heads. Denninger is warning people to get out of futures entirely because the robots have taken over and humans lack the reaction time to compete with them--and when the crash comes it'll come suddenly.

*sigh* I really was hoping to get some kind of job this year.

* * *

We are told that Romney is behind the policy of repealing ObamaCare before it can be implemented. He has appointed a Republican ObamaCare supporter to lead his transition team when-and-if.

Look: ObamaCare is RomneyCare writ large. RomneyCare is socialized medicine. Do you really think Romney has changed his mind about the desirability of socialized medicine?

Socialism is supposed to work because the pool of payors is supposed to be larger than the pool of payees. It never works out that way, but that's how it's supposed to work. So what makes anyone think that Romney seriously believes that socialized medicine will work on a state basis but not on a federal one?

If anything, you can make the case that it will work better on a federal level than a state one only because the pool of taxpayers is larger.

I said "better", not "well". The whole thing will come crashing down sooner or later, and before it does you'll have death panels and months of waiting for basic diagnostics and all the other stuff we routinely see from Canada and Britain and-and-and. It's the only way to take first-world medical care and reduce it to third-world status without summarily executing every tenth medical provider for overcharging.

The point is, those who believe in socialism don't abruptly change their minds, and if Romney thinks RomneyCare is "right for Massachusetts" (despite its failures, which are already glaringly obvious) then he must believe that ObamaCare, suitably edited, is right for America, despite his protestations to the contrary.

The man has already demonstrated a distressing tendency to change like the spring breeze, depending on what was politically expedient. I don't believe that someone who's so facile will suddenly decide to be rock-solid now, all of a sudden. I think his stance on ObamaCare is as malleable as his stances on everything else have proven to be--abortion, gun control, etc--and I think the only thing Romney intends to do to ObamaCare is to piddle in it so he likes the flavor better. "Repeal" is not part of that plan, and I think that shows in this appointment.

* * *

The Libertarian candidate for President is not much better, but I think he's getting my vote because I'd rather vote for him than Obama or Obama Lite. Denninger doesn't think much of him but I'd wager Denninger would rather vote for Gary Johnson than either of the numbskulls fronted by the major parties.

Brian Dunbar makes the point that he won't have a "kill list", which is a mark in his favor. I don't like it when our elected officials have "enemies lists" (such as Obama's) and the shit pits over in the middle east have demonstrated--once again!--that they'd much rather wallow in the 11th century than live in the 21st with the rest of us. Let them have it; maybe they'll exterminate each other and leave us the hell alone.

* * *

The video says woodpeckers stored acorns in a microwave dish. I mean, a microwave antenna dish, part of a relay station. Filled the damned thing with 300 lbs of acorns.

And surprisingly enough the receiver couldn't get a signal through 300 lbs of nuts. I wonder why that is?

* * *

Even Jon has one once in a while:

But it's rife for a mash-up!

* * *

Up too late last night, up too early this morning--and what needed to be done today has been done, so why am I still sitting here?

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