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...because I've got to get in the shower in less than 15 minutes and don't have time to come up with a post title before then, you get the meta-title. It's information about the title which is not part of the title itself!'s the title...I think I just broke the paradigm.

Oh well!

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Tam's in a magazine and also in today's Day By Day. Wow, I've met a celebrity!

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Ban tobacco, legalize pot!'ll take a while to show up, but I'll bet that marajuana smoke is just as bad for you as (if not worse than!) tobacco smoke.

Weer'd's prescription is apt:
I’d say just let people wear their big kid pants and do what they want, and everybody else wear their big kid pants and know that you don’t have to like or love how other people spend their time.
But...but...but it huwts my feewings if peopuw don't appwove of and wuv the same things I do!!!!!!11

* * *

Who the hell is George Romney?

All those libs who said George Bush wasn't qualified to be President because he misspoke? You guys can't vote for Obama now.

* * *

Freedom of religion, freedom of association--those things don't matter if you're a Christian. Nope! If you're a Christian you had better do all kinds of things prohibited by your religion, because if you don't, we're gonna get you.

What? "Equal treatment under the law?" That presupposed that groups being discriminated against are equal in the first place! Homosexuals aren't "equal" so we have to make extra-constitutional efforts to make people treat them equally.

And the judges have appointed themselves the arbiter of whose First Amendment rights are protected and whose are not:
“Services, facilities and accommodations are available to the general public through a variety of resources. Elane Photography takes advantage of these available resources to market to the public at large and invite them to solicit services offered by its photography business,” the judges explained.

They cited the idea of a KKK rally asking an black photographer to supply his work, and the photographer refusing. Could then the KKK cite racial discrimination?

“The Ku Klux Klan is not a protected class,” opined the judges. “Sexual orientation, however, is protected.”
There you have it. "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

* * *

Environmentalists don't like economic success. That's really what it comes down to.

See, Canada is doing what the US should be doing: exploiting its own natural resources, because they are valuable.

After Bible study tonight I hit Culver's for a long-anticipated DD meal; and on the way home I thought, "If the US was allowed to exploit its own fossil fuel reserves, gas would be $1 per gallon. And the oil companies would be making money hand over fist at that price." The US has more exploitable oil deposits within its borders than the rest of the world combined and the only thing--THE ONLY THING!--keeping us from accessing it is the econazie and the NIMBYtards.

Given an energy policy which was not entirely insensate (unlike what we've had since 1969, with only a brief respite in the 1980s) we'd be generating all our electricity with nuclear power and running our cars on diesel fuel--running them on diesel, that is, where electric cars were impractical.

In a country where the EPA is cracking down on dust, though, that's pretty much impossible. Which is why gasoline flirted with $5 per gallon earlier this year and why it'll probably hit $5 per gallon next year. Which is why electricity and natural gas are going to go up, too, next year.

* * *

The feminists have a canard which states that "all men are potential rapists." Well, there's another canard which is increasingly popular, mainly among the distaff: all men are pedophiles.

This guy's only crime was to shop in the childrens' section of a bookstore while being male, yet he's thrown out because some woman had a hissy fit, imagining the guy was prowling for innocent children to rape and murder and bury in his basement.


* * *

Indiana is looking more and more like the place for me to move to once the bunker is sold. They've just passed a state law there that says a citizen has the right to defend himself should cops make illegal entry into his home.

Says Denninger:
Unfortunately "authority" positions tend to attract sociopaths. This is a fact; the person who is mentally unstable and seeking to show how "macho" he is will be attracted to a position that gives him a badge, a gun, and the "right" to abuse both.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that in virtually no case are police officers held personally to account for violations of citizen rights. The usual "recourse" is to sue, but then you're suing yourself if you live in the jurisdiction, as your taxes will pay the judgment!

This is a crock, yet it is rare that the pigs (not police officers) involved in such illegal acts are personally charged and imprisoned for the same offense an ordinary citizen would face if he or she engaged in identical conduct. This is even true in "relatively mild" cases where disparate treatment is common; there is an officer here in our county who was caught twice operating under the influence. He was finally arrested after he crashed -- his previous DUI was "overlooked" and in addition he was investigated for aggravated assault with a firearm also involving the use of alcohol off-duty.

You or I would have been arrested and prosecuted for both of those previous events. He wasn't.
Emphasis removed, but he's right.

Here's more that he's right about:
I fully support police officers and the rule of law.

I spit on the shoes of pigs and their testosterone-laden Rambo re-enactments along with the "special treatment" that is so-often handed out when they violate the rights of citizens or simply break the law.
I have no respect for cops who abuse their authority and are given a pass--not only by their fellows but their superiors!--for bad behavior.

You know, here in PDRI-land we've finally gotten the right to tape cops as they do their jobs. If I'd had a recording device functioning in my car during this incident I would have faced jail time on par with a serial rapist for it. But now, thankfully, that law has been struck down as it should be.

So who knows? Maybe the PDRI will eventually become a free state. You never know!

Just don't hold your breath waiting for it.

Vox Day on the law and of course the cops don't like it. Why would they? They don't like it when citizens have their own firearms; of course they're not going to like it when citizens can defend themselves against thugs in uniform.

As he says, though: "Hey, the police and their propagandists are always telling us that if you don't do anything wrong, you've got nothing to fear. So deal with that, Mr. Law Enforcement Officer. Because, after all, it's the law!" Heh.

* * *

Barry 'Bammer is not having a very good week, is he? Friday was a disaster for his re-election effort, and now his campaign manager is complaining that the media has been giving Romney a free ride while being overly critical of Obama.

Psh. Yeah, right.

* * *

The DOOM! graphic is back but it's not Monty writing the post. The main thrust of this post is that the CBO's computer models crap out when the federal debt rises to 250% of GDP.

I strongly suspect that the computer models aren't the only thing which would. I bet the economy would cough up a bucket of dicks long before we get our debt levels to 250% of GDP. We're at 100% now and things are already past the shitter and heading for the septic tank.

* * *

"No, this is tobacco! It's the best thing for you!" Another Ace post about the Sleeper Curve, and why current science is pretty much wrong about everything that's bad for you.

My philosophy can still be summed up with this cliche: "Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway."

* * *

Wednesday will be chore and errand day. The grass needs cutting now, definitely--no question about it. There are some things I need from the store, and they have boneless-skinless chicken breasts on sale ($1.75 per pound!) so I'm going to buy a few pounds of that.

I'm hoping to get in contact with Og in order to borrow his carb synchronizer. I think the bike needs a bit of tuning, because it's acting a little weird at certain speeds. At 35, in 5th gear, I can feel it surging, and it's been getting worse.

Some of it has to be road feel, but not all of it. I'm guessing that I'm going to have to pull the front end apart, too, and see WTF is wrong with the shocks, because they're too stiff. It might just be an oil level problem, but I don't know. If the shock seals are contaminated with crap, it means disassembling the thing and cleaning or replacing them. (And I bet the damned shock seals cost $20 per set, +/- 10%; any takers?)

The dust boots still need replacing, of course, and the actual steering stem nut needs tightening because there's play in the bearings, and there should not be.

But first up is to synch the carbs. I've had the bike for almost 9 months, and have put at least 500 miles on it since buying it; it would not be terribly surprising that the carbs need adjustment. I don't know how (or if) they were synchronized by the person who rebuilt them (a friend of Og's) but it's the only thing I can think of that would be causing the surging sensation I'm feeling. Just about everything else on the carbs is not adjustable except their synchronization, so if it's not that, then it's an ignition problem.

The other thing I'm thinking of doing is buying a tappet compressor tool (guess how much one costs?) and checking my valve clearance. That's another thing that really needs doing, just because it's part of the thing's periodic maintenance. But if I do that, I'm going to need to figure out where to get valve shims because I'd bet that will be out of whack, too.

...and will probably cost me $20.

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