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#3415: The final nail in the coffin

Yeah, you guys are really pro-science, aren't you?

Just about had it with Arse Technica. That article is nothing but anti-nuclear scaremongering--just what you'd expect from a site which was all about anti-technological environmentalism rather than one that was about science.

They denigrate anyone who doesn't buy the party line about AGW as "unscientific" yet uncritically push the truly unscientific bullshit spewed by the anti-nuclear crowd.

* * *

Yet another thing which requires a photo ID: attending Michelle Obama's book signing.

But expecting anyone to have an ID to vote is racist!

* * *

This is rich. Okay: Florida prosecutor trumps up charges against Zimmerman and a prominent lawyer (Alan Dershowitz) calls her on it.

The prosecutor has decided to sue Harvard Law School.


* * *

This isn't terribly surprising. If the engine isn't running when it's immersed, you can usually drain it, change all the fluids, do a few other things, and then start 'er right up. People do this with 2-cycle engines (such as snomobile ones) all the time.

* * *

I really love WORM's take on allowing gay Scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts: when Girl Scouts allow heterosexual men to be Girl Scout Troop Leaders, then gays can be Scoutmasters. Why not?
It’s no creepier than gays wanting in Boy Scouts and you damn well know it. So that’s the deal. Boy Scouts get gays, Girl Scouts get wormme.
Emphasis his.


* * *

I would write more, but I have just enough time to get a shower before my therapy appointment. Sorry.

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