atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3419: Yeah, it's gonna be hot today.

10:30 and it's already 87.7°. *whimper*

But I rode the motorcycle to church today. Hot diggity I love doing that; it appeals to the iconoclast in me and there's just something about wearing dress shoes while riding a motorcycle that can't be beat.

I didn't wear the suede jacket. Bad me. I just put on the helmet and rode to church.

Well, I took the direct way there, which is a 35 zone; but coming home I took the back streets which are a 25 zone. This makes me feel safer even though it's really not. Then again, I see guys riding all the damn time on the expressway in shirtsleeves without helmets, and they still have all their skin, so I'm hoping that the laws of statistics will hold up for me, too.

It's not even half a mile up there. C'mon.

* * *

Successful author writes about writing. Pay heed, me.

* * *

Ireland wants the same treatment Spain is getting. This is how it goes: guy in trouble sees other guy in trouble getting help, he's going to want the same level of help.

Compared to what Greece and Ireland got, Spain's getting a real sweetheart deal--and that's not sitting well with Ireland at least (and probably Greece too).

* * *

The most useless plot of land in the United States could be a uranium mine.

I shouldn't say the land is useless; it used to be a tobacco farm and now is cow pasture, but underneath all that is some sixty thousand tons of uranium just waiting to be dug up...and no one's allowed to do that, because uranium mining is illegal in Virginia.

...and the damn uranium deposit goes right up to the surface.

It'll take 30 to 60 years to mine all the economically viable ore from that deposit, and there'll be 300 plus people making money all the while...yet they're not allowed to do it because uranium mining is illegal in Virginia.

Yeah, more government is always the answer, isn't it?

* * *

Ormus on Wyrmrest Accord hit 80th level last night. I really want to get through all the Wrath of the Lich King instances on at least one f-ing toon. Problem is, you can only queue for some of them at 80th level. Not higher, not lower.

That was fine when WotLK was the latest expansion and 80th was the level cap; but it's been a bit more than eighteen months since Cataclysm came out and the level cap is now 85.

Shouldn't the instances be accessible to more than one level of toon via the dungeon finder? Sure, you can get into them if you're above the level cap, but the entire reason WoW has the dungeon finder is that putting together a group is a royal pain in the ass. (Before the dungeon finder was added it was a chore to go instancing, at least in level-appropriate content, because you had to find a tank and a healer and--)

Ormus is already 10% of 81st level, so I know that I'm going to have to get help from guildies to do them all. *sigh*

But--well, I have heard bits and pieces of things which lead me to understand there's a way to keep your character from gaining experience. You have to find the right NPC, and slip him some gold, and then you'll stop advancing until you pay more gold to undo it.

I think this is real. I'm not sure.

It's real. Now that I know where the guy is, I'm going to go visit him and see what's what.

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