atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3420: The bunker is not opening up tonight.

I stepped outside and it was still warm. Bleah.

While I was sleeping, the dewpoint went up along with the relative humidity. It's now no cooler outside than inside, and a little more humid outside.

On the other hand it'd be a perfect night for a ride if I had any energy. Or a ride in the Fiero if it WORKED!


This week I've got to call the doctor to get another thyroid test (recall 3 months ago the doc wanted it checked in 3 months because it was a little low) and at the same time I'm going to find out what dermatolotist they recommend.

Why? Couple reasons.

#1 is the skin tag I've had in my armpit for years. The damn thing isn't hurting anything but every once in a while it gets tangled in my armpit hair and that makes it sore.

If I were less of a pussy I'd just hold a piece of ice on the thing to get it numb, then nip it off with a pair of toenail clippers. I had a skin tag in my left armpit in the early 1990s that I disposed of in that fashion. But besides the one, there's another smaller one, and I'd rather just have a dermatologist take care of them both at the same time.

#2 is the wart or whatever-the-hell-it-is on my left arm. The weakesauce "wart remover" you can get these days requires daily applications over a six-week period, and what you end up with is this scaly patch of dried remover that does not wash off but begins to peel after about ten days and looks pretty disgusting in relatively short order. And while it knocked back the wart (or whatev) it didn't get rid of it. I expect a dematologist could freeze that bitch right off in a couple of seconds.

#3 is the spot on my leg. It used to be just a simple red dot, like a small birthmark or something, but I've noticed that it's changed size and color, getting a bit bigger and darker. Melanoma is nothing to fool around with; I want a dermatologist's expert advice.

#4 is the persistent itch on my left shoulder blade. I've looked at my back in the mirror and saw nothing out of the ordinary there, yet every so often I've got to reach over my shoulder and scratch the exact same f-ing spot.

Other thing this week:

Og gave me a lead on a job which sounds like it will--at least--let me pay my bills with earned money rather than my inheritance. I won't get rich, but it'll be employment, and if I can hold the line on expenses I might actually be able to start saving money for things.

Like? Oh, I have a list:
New shocks for the Jeep
New tires for the Jeep
New tires for the motorcycle
A tuneup for the motorcycle
A new computer for me since it's where I get about 90% of my entertainment
It's going to take a while.

Kind of interesting that the computer will probably cost a couple of hundred less than tires for the truck will. I'd like to get the same kind as are on there now, but Goodyear Wrangler tires with white outlined letters are pretty spendy, so I'll probably get something highly similar to them instead. I like how the truck handles and performs with these tires but I think they're original equipment and they need replacement.

Shock absorbers: these are also OE, and while they still have plenty of service in them--these work acceptably well--I know how much difference new shocks can make. Considering they have 115,000 miles on them, I think they're about due. Don't you?

I've been over and over the tire issue on the motorcycle; no need to reiterate that here. But new inner tubes, too, and having them mounted and balanced by a professional, because that was excruciating.

Tuneup: I don't see that the timing is adjustable on this bike; about the only thing a tech can do is to verify that the advance works the way it's supposed to. But it's got two carbs, and having a pro synchronize them and set the idle would be good. Also, have him adjust the clutch, brakes, and chain tension while he's at it. Get everything set up 100% correctly so I know what I'm looking for when I adjust them myself later on.

Computer: it's not easy for me to resist the siren song of a new PC with an i7, 6 GB of RAM, 1 TB of hard drive, and a 64-bit OS. Especially since WoW is beginning to tax this system; my frame rate is dropping into the 30s again, after being at 60 for so long. (Not sure how much is due to summer temperatures, though. Maybe the GPU is slowing down because it's over 80° under the desk.)

I might try buying a new video card, first, though. Spend $150 or so on a high-zoot card; WTF if I need to buy a new system after that the new card will work fine in it.

Several years ago I thought, half-seriously, "When I get to 10,000 games played of Freecell, it's time for a new machine." I played (and won) game number 12,350 this afternoon. By any reasonable metric, therefore, it's time to think about a new machine.

...anyway, I list all this because these are things I've been putting off for too long--especially the Jeep stuff. I have been telling myself for 18 months that "once I get a job" I'd take care of all these things. Well, if I can get my foot in the door at this place Og sent me to, I won't be sitting at a desk sipping tea and nibbling at crumpets--I'll be sweating my ass off on a factory floor--but at least I'll be earning some f-ing money for a change. And since this place is in Dyer rather than Rantoul, it ought to be less of a mind-breaking strain for me to work there.

I hope.

* * *

I checked again. It's still warm outside. *sigh*

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