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#3426: Don't wanna

I'm feeling kind of crummy, so I'm not going to comment on this stuff:

The so-called "auto industry bailout" was just Obama saving the UAW's bacon. That's all it ever was.

CBSNBCABCNYT are reluctantly beginning to cover Fast and Furious. They can't sweep it under the rug forever, as much as they'd like to.

John Stossel on how government control ruins health care. Britain and Canada are prime examples. "In Norwood, Ontario, my TV producer watched as the town clerk pulled four names out of a big box and then telephoned the lucky winners. 'Congratulations! You get to see a doctor this month.'"

* * *

This is the one thing I have energy to comment on:

Marko is also tired of phone spam.

What really, really annoys me is all the phone calls from people who can't be arsed to leave a message. Whatever they are calling me about is so important that they call me several times a week--frequently interrupting my sleep--but they never leave a message.

Sometimes it's a robocall from a machine that's too stupid to recognize an answering machine. Then what I get is, "--s your chance to lower your mortgage interest rates by up to fifteen percent! Press one to--" and at that point I delete the message because it's nothing but spam and it's already wasted too much of my time.

* * *

I went for a post-therapy ride on the motorcycle, and it wasn't any fun, so I cut it short.

* * *

Last night I decided it was time to make a bank toon on Wyrmrest Accord. It was meant to be a throwaway character, someone I would use just to have backup bank space for Ormus.

I made a rogue named "Ormusia"...and started playing in character. Ormusia is almost totally stupid. The exact antithesis of her older brother, she is always cheerful, bubbly, happy-go-lucky...and has the intellect of a sack of bricks.

She still refers to herself in 3rd person, but does it like a cute anime girl, rather than the officious and arrogant way Ormus does.

So: the toon was wandering around Stormwind and I was--in character--musing out loud what my second profession should be. The first was herbalism; I walked up to the herb. trainer and said, "Hi, ms night elf! Ormusia likes plants, too!"

I thought of all the others. "Skinning is just ICKY! Those poor animals!" "Enchanting? No, all those powders make Ormusia sneeze!" Things like that.

So I walked over to a guard, and was standing there talking to him (of course guards don't talk back) and asking him what he thought about various professions; and after a few moments of this--as a scripted behavior--the guard turned and walked away...and I just about laughed my balls off.

It looked to me for all the world as if the guard had gotten sick of this ditz's stupid prattling and decided to be somewhere else. It was perfect. I laughed until tears came.

Eventually, Ormusia decided she was going to be an "enscriptist" (inscriptionist) and had to wait until she was 5th level to train for it. Oh, lordy. And when--after she'd gone up a few levels and had become one--she talked to the guard on the other side of the bridge from the still-missing one, and said, "Could you tell your friend on the other side of the bridge that Ormusia decided she was going to be an enscriptadorist--" and he turned and walked away!

So now Ormusia has a character schtick, and I played until I'd finished all the quests in Elwynn Forest. On to Westfall! ...once I get some frickin' energy, because I feel half-embalmed right now.

Dinner tonight will be a DD from Culver's. I haven't eaten out all week.

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