atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3427: Still don't wanna

After the last post I played a little WoW, then went to bed around 6-ish. I only slept for two hours; when I woke up I wanted dinner even though I still felt pretty crummy.

Went to Culver's for a DD and nearly fell asleep on the way there!

...but I got home safely, ate the food, and played some more WoW.

* * *

The main project I have in mind now is to get the dirt bike put back together and into optimum operating condition. I haven't even started it since August--how sad is that?

I still have to hand that handful of small parts that I bought for it; I ought to see about, y'know, actually installing them and getting the thing put back together. Looking on Ebay I found a kickstart lever sitting at $8; we'll see if I win it. Also, I bought yet another speedo mechanism. This one's cover is cracked (and had been removed for the photograph) so I could see that the mechanism looks to be in good shape. I think I can use this one, a good cover, and an un-bent backing plate, and assemble a usable speedometer for the dirt bike. Whee!

The 4th of July is, after all, in a bit less than three weeks.

Looking at Ebay for parts for the road bike. There a guy who's been trying to sell the transmission parts for the automatic transmission version of my bike--the so-called "Suzukimatic" which includes shaft drive--and I keep looking at them, wondering if I could use some of them to convert it to shaft drive without changing the entire transmission. (And subsequently being stuck with a 2-speed automatic....)

Also, I came very close to buying a factory original tool kit for the road bike. It would have been $ another $8 for shipping. If it weren't for the speedo buy, I probably would have done it.

Oh well.

On the plus side, I've found another service manual for the road bike on-line, as a PDF, and it seems to take a slightly different perspective from the factory manual. This one's written for guys who do their own work, so it explains how to make usable substitutes for the official Suzuki tools.

And that's about all for now.

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