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#3429: Again: no anonymous comments are allowed here.

I know that LJ will let you do it; but I can moderate the comments to my blog posts and I'll delete them if you don't tell me who you are.

There are a couple of people who routinely comment here who post anonymously, but it doesn't matter to me because I can tell who it is. Og, for example; when he posts here I can always tell it's him. (Or most of the time, anyway...and if I'm wrong once or twice it's fine because whoever it might be that sounds like him has his head screwed on straight anyway.)

But if you're going to get up in my grill and call me a bigot? You'd better give me a real name and a real blog addy (if you have one) because if you don't, your post goes right to the bit bucket.

Especially if you're posting comments to a post that's more than two years old.

Here's what I posted in reply to the anonymous commentor's post:
It's Fungus policy to delete anonymous comments. If you can't tell me who you are--and if I can't find out--then I delete them, because I don't have the time to deal with people who can't be bothered to sign their name to their posts. My name's at the top of this thing; if you're unable to name yourself in your comments--for whatever reason--then I suggest you go somewhere else to spew your bile.
Sailor V wanted me to demolish the guy instead of deleting his comment, but I've got better things to do than argue over something stupid Obama did two years ago--especially with someone who is clearly an anti-Christian bigot.

I'll quote a little bit of what I deleted so you can see what I mean:
Given that many of the evangelical right supports the israelis and are anti semites who only do purely because they believe israel needs to be part of a complex prophecy involving the book of revelations,...
SIC. And...yeah. You know how the really poisonous snakes are brightly colored? This kind of rhetoric is approximately the same sort of warning.


I might have let the comments stand if they were a reasonable differing of opinion. I do that occasionally--let an anonymous comment stay because it's a good argument--but when it starts out with incipient anti-Christian paranoia and gets worse from there I just hit "delete".

The ones that I let stand are very, very few and far between. Most of the time they're like this one.

But I have archived the comments (LJ sends me e-mails when I get comments, which include the entry and all comments prior to the new one as well as the new comment) so perhaps someday I may haul them out and fisk 'em right properly.

* * *

And yes, this is a dictatorship. I decide what comments stay and which ones go, and may delete any or all on a whim without consideration for your feelings. You can say whatever you want to in your own blog where your name is at the top--but not here. You can call me as many names as you like over there in your blog, but not here.

(Rest assured that if you say anything actionable I may have to have a lawyer contact you. Just say "I think he's--" instead of "He is--!" and you're probably okay. But I'm not a lawyer, so don't take my legal advice.)

Basic courtesy goes a long way with me. Fail to show it and you're baleeted. Reasonable people can disagree reasonably, but if all I see is bile and hatred--yeah.

* * *

Since LJ doesn't give me a list of refers I have no idea how this guy got here, but I guess it doesn't really matter all that much.

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