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(Image shamelessly stolen from Wonderduck.)


(Found via Marko.)

Carmageddon was one of the things I had to give up after I got this machine, with Vista on it. I could not make it run under DOSBox or in any other way, and I never thought to try running it on the laptop I had that had XP on it. I wanted to run it on a fast machine and that old laptop wasn't any faster than the old P3 was.

Anyway, this company takes old games and makes them work under modern OSes. The graphics won't look any better but it ought to run...and if it does, then perhaps I can splash it all over the blab slab and play it in super-fast huge-o-vision.

And for ten bucks! This is gonna be awesome.

...gonna have to go find my cheat codes. Heh.

* * *

Today's major chore is to go to the place Og recommended and toss them an application. My original plan had been to get up around 10, but of course I didn't get to bed until 3 and couldn't fall asleep until after 6. *sigh* So now it's after noon, I'm running on about 4.5 hours of sleep, and I still have everything to do.

The only reason I've started a post before doing any of it? Carmageddon. Someone's working on making it work under Vista! I couldn't contain myself.

But I'm finishing the pre-blog surf; then I'm going to get moving and do the rest of the bloggling later on, when I get home.

Whenever that may be.

* * *

Well, it was barely past 2 PM when I got there, and I filled out an application and was home by 3. We'll see how things go from here.

As for right now, on with the bloggeratin'!

* * *

Vox Day safety wires the snark machine on "emergency maximum" for this article on the new Pixar movie which is exactly the same as all the other movies where a girl defies the patriarchy.

* * *

Because PCP wasn't bad enough (and is too illegal) now we have "bath salts" which completely shut off all your high-order brain functions and turn you into a frenzied animal. Just the thing for a party weekend!


* * *

The global warming that doesn't actually appear in any unadjusted data is caused by humans, says Arse Technica.

And what's their proof? COMPUTER MODELS!!!
One of the ways in which climate scientists evaluate the role of anthropogenic greenhouse emissions in the recent warming of Earth’s climate is to run climate models both with and without human activities. By comparing the results of each to the observed temperature trend, these “fingerprinting” studies can show how much of the temperature record can be explained by natural factors (such as solar activity and volcanic eruptions). This has commonly been applied to trends in atmospheric temperatures (as shown in the 2007 IPCC report), where it’s clear that the observed warming wouldn’t have happened without rising greenhouse gases.
Emphasis added, because why is it that these guys--who claim to run a site dedicated to science and technology--can't seem to understand the very basic computing principle of "GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT"?

The climate models we have don't fucking work. Given historical conditions they can't reproduce current ones, and many of the variables are assigned constant values (such as solar insolation). The models are incomplete and inaccurate.

And while the computer models may show that global warming is real and man-made, THE ACTUAL CLIMATE HAS BEEN COOLING SINCE 1998 and the global temperature anomaly has utterly failed to track the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

But I'm the unscientific one because I think that reality trumps computer models. Yeah.

* * *

Related to that: Numbers 1 and 2 of this Michael Flynn post. 10% of US power generation is going off-line thanks to the Obama EPA, and that means rising electricity prices! And it's all to prevent man-made global warmenating!

* * *

WORM discusses Chicago and its crime problem. His prescription will never happen as long as Chicago is a Democrat machine city, because it would work....

* * *

This kind of story is why Dad always warned me to stay away from strange animals and to wash my hands after coming in contact with them. Short form: idiot sees a cat with a mouse and goes to help the mouse, because ZOMG the poor mousie. *rolleyes*

...and has caught the freakin' black plague as a result.

It's still out there, people, and it's waiting, biding its time. The people in that city are lucky it's not the pneumonic variety, because that shit is NASSS-TY. There's nothing like a deadly illness which can be spready via casual contact!

* * *

His Imperial Majesty, Barack Hussein Obama. Yeah.

* * *

"Can any president succeed in today’s political world?" The Washington Post's preferred party has trouble making things happen using the Standard Democrat Playbook (copyright 1936) so of course there isn't any President who could govern well these days. Why, George Washington himself would be no better off than Obama would be!!!!111

...exactly the same kind of nonsense the same paper came out with in 1980, about Carter. Yeah.

* * *

Whatever it is that they are trying to do in Europe, Karl Denninger says it is not working.

* * *

Victor Davis Hanson talks about things which--in a Republican administration--would be major scandals on par with Watergate and Iran-Contra...but which are ignored by the media because it's a Democrat.

* * *

When I was trying to sleep, of course one thing keeping me awake was my feet getting hot. WTF.

...I turned the thermostat down to 75. It cooled my room off, which cooled me off, and I was able to sleep. Naturally the thermostat went back up to 77, but that helped a lot so I may keep doing that. WTF, it's easier to cool the bunker at night anyway since the sun's not baking everything with a kilowatt per square meter of pure heat for sixteen f-ing hours.

* * *

My trip to K-mart netted me a couple of nice shirts, neither of which cost more than $10 each. One's a pleasant blue polo shirt; the other is a white dress shirt with alternating blue and black vertical stripes, short-sleeve.

I would have bought a couple more polos if they'd had any decent colors besides blue. There was only one color approximating red--a hideous bright orange--and I will not wear pink. I thought about the yellow one, but decided against it; the green was the color of dilute pea soup. Light blue, black with white stripes, white with black stripes, tan--nothing appealing.

I found a nice turquoise shirt...small size only, and $18. *sigh*

But two helps; that's two more short-sleeve shirts I can wear to church or other functions requiring more than jeans and a henley. And I look good in that blue polo with my cream-colored khakis.

* * *

I had to gas up the Jeep today. $62. *whimper* But! The nice thing is, I got an average of about 20 MPG on the last tankful, because I've hardly been driving it at all for short hops--I've been doing them on the motorcycle and only using the Jeep for longer trips, or trips where I need to carry a lot of stuff.

Kind of not surprising that I get better fuel economy when I'm not starting it, driving half a mile, and shutting it off all the time....

Or maybe it's just because I washed all the gunk off. Heh.

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