atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#344: A problem with the Ichigo Mashimaru fansub.

I think I've discussed enough times the reasons why I'm not squeamish or easily offended.

I'm really a fairly laid-back person most of the time, and about most things. Like anyone I have my hot buttons, of course, but there is a lot of crap I just shrug off.

For example, a lot of the time I am not offended by crude humor. We live, today, in a crude society anyway, where it apparently is totally acceptable for people in public to swear like sailors no matter who is present, where women can wear their underwear as outerwear, and where people with weird sexual fetishes can shove them in your face and you are powerless to do anything about it. So in many ways my general inability to be shocked and/or offended serves me pretty well.

Still, this is pretty annoying.

Ichigo Mashimaru is not an ecchi series. There is no fan service in it at all--zip, zero, nada--and that is how it should be, considering that four of the five main characters are 11-12 years old. There are a few jokes about breasts but we never see any breasts. There are a few bathing scenes and some nudity here and there, but we never see anything we couldn't see on American TV.

So I'm struggling to understand why the subtitlers found it necessary to put "loli" wisecracks in the eye catches.

"Do you wish you could sleep with your little sister?" One such wisecrack asks. "Do you sniff her panties?"

And: "When watching this show, please take care... Lolis can cause erections!"

And: "The cute ass of a's like a peach, but tastier!"

There's not even any text on the title cards (except for the series name, which is in hiragana) so the fansubbers are obviously not translating any of the text on the screen. So what the hell is wrong with these morons?

Did they really have to add garbage like this? It's not funny; it's disgusting, and it's utterly inappropriate. The girls in this show are not presented as sex objects (not even Nobue, the 20-year-old) and the show itself is not about prurient matters, so why on earth did they think this kind of shit was appropriate?

There's nothing like perpetuating the stereotype of anime fans as perverts, I always say! What asshats.

Fortunately this crap only appears on the second title card, and it's in a small enough font that it's hard to read. So I guess I can thank God for small favors.

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