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#3441: Isn't it wonderful weather--OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

It got nice and cool last night (after I spent 1.5 hours sweating my ass off, trying to make some sense of the garage) and I opened up the bunker.

...and forgot to turn the thermostat up to 85 like I normally do.

But I actually managed to sleep. I went to bed around 5 and I actually slept for more than four hours this time. I was awakened by various things outside (garbage truck, for example) but I fell right back asleep again. Win! I woke up at 2:30 feeling better than I have for over a week.

Got up at 3, went to the front door, intending to bring up the trash can--felt a cold draft from the vent...

Said many bad words, stopped what I was doing, and turned the thermostat up to 85.


Well, as bad as that is, it's not as bad as the summer of 2002 when my parents put in the window AC and were using that, and the house wasn't cooling off...and discovered that the heater was running.

* * *

Duplicate Apollo 8 for $100 million a head! I'm not particularly thrilled about this only because it's more hyper-expensive space tourism that only the hyper-rich can afford. I'll be more excited when you only need to lay out, say, ten grand for such a trip.

* * *

Instead of being a greedy pig and keeping all those gifts for yourself, encourage people to give money to the Obama campaign. You know, instead of gifts for your wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, birthday, funeral--you're just going to waste that money anyway, and we all know it, so why don't you have them give the money to someone who really needs it?

You think I'm kidding? Check out the copy: "Plus, it's a gift that we can all appreciate--and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl."

You may think you need that gravy bowl, but that's only because you're a stupid prole. That money would be better spent on re-electing Obama!

* * *

So! The state of California is not going to be able to exempt itself from the same environmental laws it forces everyone else to follow. This means that the high speed fail project is going to take a lot longer, and a lot more legal wrangling, than its supporters had hoped for.

How horrible that a "doubleplusgood" project has to be subject to the same environmental restrictions as a "doupleplusungood" project like a new nuclear power plant or oil refinery! Don't these people understand? It's high-speed rail!

* * *

Illinois just isn't trying hard enough, I guess. Well, it might be in the top ten; the article only shows the top eight.

But I'm kind of wondering about this. See, Michigan is a hardcore Democrat stronghold; it's been run by Democrats and machine politicians since the Cretaceous. Detroit--the endgame of the blue model--is a wasteland. The state's political system is coughing up blood, yet Michigan is #8.

...the rest of them are not exactly high on the "conventional wisdom" list of corrupt states. Where's California? New Jersey? (The article says New Jersey gets good scores.) Most of the states where you routinely hear stories about political corruption--and which, not coincidentally, are usually Democrat machine states--are conspicuous in their absence.

Having looked up the Center for Public Integrity's web site, I'm seeing a lot of pro-econut policies being advanced; and skimming some of the articles does not mitigate the hinky feeling I have about these folks.

So I find the interactive map which lists states by "transparency" (flipside of corruption) and find Georgia at the bottom. The most corrupt state is the 50th most transparent.

Illinois is 10th.


TENTH? Tied with Connecticut? TENTH?? Three out of our last four governors are in jail! you see, I really don't think this "study" is very accurate.

* * *

Ace has a good post up on chickens and what they do sooner or later. Some folks are predicting that Obama's invocation of executive privilege to save Holder's fat from the fire is probably the tipping point that will end the Obama Presidency.

We'll see. I'm not so optimistic; the press loves Obama to pieces and they'll do anything (even sacrifice their own livelihood!) to support him.

* * *

Of course Obama's a pathological liar. He's a politician, ain't he?

Actually, I've known pathological liars. Their lies typically start out plausible, and gradually (or not so gradually) become considerably less so.

Like the guy who claimed his father designed the MX missile.

Okay, at the time, I didn't know how engineering is done, so I couldn't call him on it; but even then it sounded...unlikely. But in a complex assembly like an intercontinental ballistic missile, no one person designs the thing. No one person designs anything but the smallest components of something like that; it takes hundreds of engineers months to design the subassemblies that make up the thing, and then there's a development team that ensures everything fits together.

You have a team of experts designing the propulsion system. You have a team of experts designing the guidance package. There's an airframe team, a power systems team, and a warhead bus team. (The "warhead bus" being the structure to which warhead(s) are attached, with both electrical and mechanical connections.) There are probably other teams I'm not thinking of--the point being that even if this guy's dad was in charge of the whole group--which at least is more plausible--it doesn't means he designed it.

...and somehow that, coupled with his claim that his father also designed Space Mountain, does not seem to gel with reality.

"Space Mountain at Disneyland was designed by Bill Watkins of Walt Disney Imagineering, including a tubular steel track design awarded U.S. Patent 4029019." This guy's last name was not "Watkins".

Then again, he made these claims before Al Gore invented the Internet.

But if you think about it, Obama started off with small, plausible lies, and has gradually begun to pile on the whoppers until even a willing suspension of disbelief could not paper over the lack of plausibility. So maybe there's something to this after all.

Then, over at WORM: "It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty." WORM quotes Johah Goldberg and then says, essentially, "No shit, Sherlock!"

* * *

The plural of "anecdote" is not "data", but even so you have to read this kind of story and say, "WTF." A Panera restaurant in the Chicago area is now letting people pay what they can--or work for their meals.

It's not the entirety of Panera Corp; it's just one franchise. Still--not a good sign, is it?

* * *

It is evil, but it's a lesser evil. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not sure. I mean, because this company knows all about you, you don't get deluged with a shitton of spam mail for products you will never buy.

This is probably why we're annoyed when we get an advertisement in the mail for something we cannot possibly use: "ED HERING CAN SAVE 25% ON THIS BREAST PUMP!" WTF?

Absent the existence of this company and its database, we'd routinely get all sorts of junk mail about things.

...kind of how spam e-mail is now, if you think about it.

* * *

Karl Denninger says yesterday's Philadelphia Fed survey is a "disaster".
Everything except employment was negative; the most-worrisome of employees was that the workweek contracted for a second consecutive month, strongly implying that we're on the verge of (if not entering right now) an actual recessionary-style slowdown.


The number of economic indicators that have aligned of late showing significant weakness is starting to become rather difficult to ignore, despite the desire of those who claim we're in a "recovery."
Read the whole thing; it's short and I'll wait while you do.

* * *

Another Goldman Sachs guy lets it slip that the economy is not in good shape. Another Denninger piece, and he says
But wait... I thought we were in an actual economic recovery? So say all the talking heads at the WSJ, CNBS, pMSNBC and more.

And I thought The Fed (and other central banks) were simply about providing liquidity and insuring the functioning of the financial system -- not playing tricks on people.
This is in response to Bill Gross at BS saying that "risk markets are [becoming more] vulnerable as the 'monetary bag of tricks empties.'"

If you've been paying any attention to these matters at all, you know what this means without explanation: the government is playing games with the numbers in order to try to give the appearance of economic expansion, in the (vain) hope that it'll become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Other than their need to re-elect Obama, that's the point behind the fake unemployment figures and the record deficit spending. The idea is to make the people think the economy is getting better, so they'll spend more money; and if they spend more money, the economy will improve.

But the problem is, the economy is not good and even the people who have money to spend know it's not good. They know it because they know people who are out of work and have been for months or years, and no amount of Democrat/media bloviation will change that knowledge.

The Democrats and the press are saying, "Who are you gonna believe? Us, or your own lying eyes?"

The same way the media consistently talked the economy down during the Bush years they are now consistently talking the economy up. They desperately wanted--needed--the economy to suck while there was a Republican President; now that there's a Democrat sitting there, tney desperately want--need--it to improve, and it just flatly refuses to.

Because the Democrat sitting there has done everything in his power to crush the engines of wealth creation in this country. He pursues policies that make energy more expensive, regulations that confound businesses, and taxes that remove all incentive to excellence.

You can talk all you want, but the people are not fooled by the numbers games and the blather when they're seeing how shitty everything is.

* * *

And we'll finish with humor. Today's XKCD:

...though you could get Touch Tone phone service in 1974, not everyone had it. I feel that guy's pain.

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