atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3442: Oh my God, it IS....

I ended up having a nap after about 11 PM, and slept for a couple hours, and woke up hungry. Dinner had been bratwurst, cole slaw, and potato salad, so I had leftovers. Wasn't particularly interested in WoW, so after logging on and seeing none of my friends (nor my niece) I logged out again.

Fiddled around with internety stuff and then found myself looking at Og's oldest posts. I had to hunt around to find the first month (January 2004) but I ended up reading and reading and reading...

And here's the post where he talks about bringing the motorcycle home for the first time. The motorcycle I bought from him seven years later.

And down in the comments JayG used the phrase Og uses to describe what I must look like riding the dirt bike:
Just noticed the size, og. A GS450? You *do* realize that you’re going to look like a monkey f**king a football on that thing, right?


I wasn't writing the Fungus in August of 2005; I didn't even have a persistent Internet connection. No DSL; I was on NetZero via dialup. (I think it was netzero. Whatever it was.)

His second post on the motorcycle.

...and I've finally gotten to the end of 2005. I think I'll wait until later to look for more.

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