atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#345: Fansub report

After two episodes I think Ichigo 100% is pretty decent stuff. I'm beginning to think I'm right about the "rushed" feeling of the plot; it seems like they're trying to fit about two seasons' worth of show into 13 half-hour episodes. It's a shame, because I think I might have liked this series a lot better if it hadn't been "blivet-ized" (which is a word I just made up).

Piano is still really good and I am still really enjoying it.

Ichigo Mashimaru--it's wonderful, but see entry #344....

Girls Bravo season two shows us some character development. Fukuyama, the "sexual harassment king", is actually becoming less one-dimensional, which is a bit surprising. Kirie--while still the series' tsundere'kko--has much less of a hair trigger. I'm enjoying it more than I enjoyed the first season.

I have seen the first episode of Amaenaideyo! and I don't hate it; this may be worthwhile. I didn't expect it to be about monks-in-training--I downloaded it "cold" and had no preconceived notions about it, so I don't know what I was expecting--but at least the girls are cute. I especially like Haruka.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

BTW I had a thought about the "mystery server" that SDB has gotten some good stuff from. I realized that there are all kinds of digisub servers on IRC. If I could figure out how to make that crap work I might find myself overwhelmed with stuff to watch...

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