atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3455: It's kind of fun to do this

And it's a good way to spend a day that's STINKINOUSLY HOT LIKE THE DAYSIDE OF MERCURY OR HD 189733b.

Damn is it hot outside. Here's a dramatization of how things went when I got up this afternoon:
I went to the front door, opened it, and stuck my face outside.

Me, slamming the door shut: GAAAAAH!

Nephew: What's wrong?

Me: You just stick your face outside!

Nephew, going to front door: GAAAAAH!
So here I am, working on making the Celeron (Escaflowne) work 100% again.

I have already gotten it to recognize a USB mouse (plugged into a PS2 mouse adaptor, but it works!) and connected to the Internet. Right now I'm downloading drivers for the sound card, and trying to install Firefox. Whee! Copying files via the switch is a bit cantankerous, but it works well enough.

The sound card in Escaflowne is a Sound Blaster AWE 64. Damn. And apparently there are drivers for that card for Vista.

So there are still problems (such as there being no sound in Carmageddon) but it's still fun!

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