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#3456: My specialty is food-shoveling!

No, wait. The post title was supposed to be something about sequential numbers, and how it always makes me just a little bit happy to encounter them.

That post title is a reference to a scene in Yawara! where the reporter Matsuda encounters a gaggle of young society ladies and introduces himself as one lady's fiancee, Kazamatsuri, whom the other ladies have not met.

Yeah, I need to get out more.

* * *

Filet-o-fish sandwiches made in the deep fryer: now they really do taste like the ones from McDonald's. Only the french fries are better, and the whole thing is cheaper.

* * *

So: the kick start lever I bought from Ebay a bit more than ten days ago? Well, the envelope arrived today; the kick start lever did not.

Somewhere between here and Oregon, the two parted company.


* * *

Ace has a couple of snarky bits up about ObamaCareTax:

Post title: "Obama's "Crowning Achievement" Is... A Tax". It is! Supreme Court says so!

GOP may use reconciliation to nuke the death star. Liberals are saying, now, that even though ObamaCare was passed by reconciliation, it cannot be modified or repealed via reconciliation.

Sorry, boys. You can't have it both ways. You claimed this thing was a budgetary measure in order to pass it under the rules governing budgetary measures, because that was easier than passing it another way. That being the case, ObamaCare is a budgetary measure and it can be repealed the same way.

And considering that the Supreme Court has ruled that the individual mandate is a tax, guess what? That is wide-fucking-open to be repealed by reconciliation! YOU'RE SCREWED!! AAHHH HA HA HA HA HA!!

...just like the rest of us. *whimper*

But! Democrats are saying it's not a tax even though the Supreme Court has said it is. You know why: if it's a tax (and it IS!) it means Obama and the Democrats lied through their teeth when they were trying to pass it and said it wasn't.

But it's a tax, which means this is desperate scrambling to save their asses from the fallout of ramming through a wildly unpopular and massive TAX INCREASE.

* * *

Love this post by Og. I'm not just saying that I love it; you should love it too.

* * *

I was finally able to add airtime to my cell phone.

I've tried every day for the past several--go to their web site, log in, click on "add airtime", select my usual 60 minutes/90 days card, click "next"...and get dropped back to the main screen.

*sigh* I did it via telephone today. That worked, so now they have until Sep. 29 to get their web site working correctly.

Or I shall darken the skies with their ashes.

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