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#3460: Catching HALF a break.

So I went to Ace to get some hardware. Go figure.

...I had decided just to buy a bolt of the correct size and use it to attach the exhaust. Since I can't find the reducer studs anywhere--

Holy shit. They have reducer studs!

I bought two, plus a nut for each; and then I bought five speed nuts intending to double-nut the road bike's insignias. Then I exchanged the empty propane cylinder for a full one and $20, paid for my stuff, and happily drove home.

Too short. *whimper*

...but just a little too short. So what I'm going to do is to use the original stud in one hole; in the other I'm going to cut off a short piece of one of the new ones, cut a slot in one end, and run it in with a screwdriver. Then I'll run the other whole one in on top of it, and grind down the shoulder a bit farther.

No, this won't be as strong as the proper part would be. But it'll be stronger than having just one stud holding the flange against the cylinder, and if I ever manage to find the right part for less than the $25 I saw one going for on Ebay, I'll still be able to extract the bit of stud that's in there thanks to the slot I cut in it. And in the mean time, no exhaust leak--or at least a significantly reduced one.

...and like I said it's just a little bit too short. I could get a nut about halfway on the thing with everything in place.

Some moron got his dickskinners in the speed nuts, too. Of the five I bought, two fit; the others are the wrong size...but only slightly too big, so there's no way to tell by casual inspection that they're the wrong f-ing size. Argh etc.

The thing that really gets me about this is that if I had access to a machine shop I could make a couple of exhaust studs in about an hour even if I started with plain steel rod. Failing a machinje shop, if I just had access to a lathe I could take a 8x1.25 stud and drill a 6mm hole down the center, tap it with 1.00 threads, and screw that into the cylinder. Cut it off flush, and then just screw a bolt into that.

There're probably about a thousand ways to solve this problem, and only one of them involves paying some goober $25 for A stud. (Yeah, or going to a supplier and buying a box of how many at $2 each?) The rest simply involves having access to expensive tools. *sigh*

* * *

Incidentally, this is being posted from Escaflowne.

Escaflowne has a working Ethernet card (10 Mbit *whimper*) and I plugged it into the switch the other day when I was fooling around with it, and mirabile visu I didn't have to do anything to get it connected.

Then again, it was connected to the Internet this way before I got Jurai (or whatever I called the P3) in 2001. So really it was already set up. Maybe not so miraculous after all, but the way things are sometimes I'll take what I can get.

The other thing? The keyboard I'm using is one of those awesome IBM 1390 131-key keyboards. The classic clicky one, which is built like a tank and with which I expect to be buried. (May that be about 50 years from now.) And I'm making about a third of my usual numbers of typos. These keyboards are, simply put, the best. IBM did an honest job with these things. They cost about two or three times much as a comparable keyboard at the time of manufacture but damn can I touch-type on one of these thinga!

Definitely a "cold, dead fingers" thing. It's a shame I can't use one with my regular desktop.

Well...maybe try it and see what happens? But I'm pretty sure I stopped using them only because Cephiro refused to boot when one was plugged in.

Maybe if I got a PS/2 to USB adaptor?

And whyyyy is it being posted from Escaflowne? Because Cephiro caught another virus and I had to run a boot-time scan, that's why. And you can't exclude drives from the boot scan so it's scanning EVERYTHING.

[many bad words redacted]

My gut's reaction to bad sushi knocked me down for a few hours after the last post. I had intended just to lay down for a bit, but I felt flensed and the next thing I knew, it was almost five--and the computer was asking what I wanted to do about the first bad file it found. I selected "move all to chest" and laid down again, but the damage was done, so I got back up and hied myself to the hardware store. The rest is history.

Now I'm hungry; so I'm sitting here trying to decide what to have for dinner. And all I can think is Culver's!

* * *

With Escaflowne's screen saver set to the old Windows 98 "Flying Through Space" screen saver, it's like being on the bridge of the Enterprise. Heh.

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