atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3467: :O

I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open:

Words fail me. You place the magnet in space and it stays where you put it. In a symmetrical field it can move but retains its attitude.



* * *

This link to Snarkybytes includes an auto-play video that's hilarious.

I ended up adding Snarkybytes to the blogroll, and a link there led me to JayG's blog, which I don't know WTH it wasn't already in the blogroll since he's a fellow gunblogger.

* * *

"Britney is the clever one of the bunch...." 14-year-old doesn't want to be like her mother and sisters and get breast implants. I think she must be "the clever one".

Fake boobs suck. Real boobs FTW.

* * *

Communism killed 110,000,000 people. Let's give it another try!

* * *

Obama sez we need to rebuild the economy again.

Socialism doesn't work. Let's try it again!

* * *

I've gone and lost track of time surfing this Intartubzorz thingy Al Gore invented. Lemonzen is coming over and I don't know when she's going to be here, but we talked at 4:30 and now it's 6 and I still haven't eaten or showered or anything.


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