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#3469: Sunday!

It is so blissfully cool outside. 77° and not humid. It feels paradisal.

* * *

So, last night I was amusing Lemonzen with my Arthas, the Lich King impression:
Arthas: So,'ve come to rejoin the Scourge, I take it?

Malganis: No! I'll never rejoin you!

Arthas: But, Malganis...we have scones.

Malganis: Eh? What flavor?

Arthas: Blueberry.
It just got worse from there.

Example: Arthas says, "You'll regret this, Malganis. Dr. Putridus has just discovered a delightful recipe for chocolate chip cookies."

Apparently I do a really good Lich King impression.

* * *

David Morgan-Mar has a good discussion of role-playing games.

* * *

Natalie Dee comes up with the best comics.</a>

* * *

Ended up playing Bejeweled on Lemonzen's iPad for about an hour or so. What an addictive game that is. It's not worth paying $400 to play it on a tablet, but it's fun.

* * *

"...[T]he definition of 'Record Heat is proof of Global Warming' is 'It's hot in the United States east of the Mississippi river.'"

Yep. And the hurricane that hit New York City last year (or was it the year before?) was The Worst Hurricane Ever. And the big snowstorm they had, where they got 15 inches of snow, was The Worst Blizzard In History.

And it was all due to global warming, of course!

* * *

The other day Ormusia sold a single item for 600 GP. I got to keep 570 of it (the AH always gets a cut) but other auctions for Tyrant's Epaulets were running over a thousand gold. I figured 600 was more than enough for something that wasn't a blue; it was fine.

And now Ormusia has money.

* * *


There was a sign on K-mart's door saying they were sold out of air conditioners and swimming pools. Now, why the hell would that be?


On the way to K-mart I saw a couple of Fieros parked side-by-side at a repair shop. Wonder what's going on there?


Across the street from the local Culver's, a guy is selling what looks like a Suzuki GS850. I have not stopped to look at it, though it's been a near thing, becuase I can't afford to buy another motorcycle right now and don't need one. The GS450 will be fine for now; and once I've gotten a job and held it for at least six months then I can start thinking about buying a new(er) motorcycle with more cylinders and stuff.

Anyway, today there was a guy looking at the bike as I drove past. He'd pulled over and gotten out of his car to take a gander at the thing. I hope it gets sold soon so I don't have to keep reminding myself that I don't need it.

* * *

Lemonzen and I had originally planned to have our visit today, rather than yesteday. But Thursday and Friday were rough days for her--so rough that she wasn't able to sleep--so around 4:40-ish yesteday afternoon she called me and asked, "Can I come over?" in this mournful tone. How could I say no? (And why the hell would I?) She'd swapped her Saturday shift with someone because of her inability to sleep the night before, but had recovered enough to be able to drive down here by early evening.

So when I was doing my Lich King impression, she was tired enough to laugh at anything. It was too much like shooting fish in a barrel.

...but this morning she left in a better mood than when she got here, so I guess it's all good.

* * *

And my bed broke again. The same way it broke last time but this time on the other side. So I dug out a piece of 1x2 from the garage, and that's going to be my project for today: fix this side rail the same way I fixed the other one.

Or maybe tomorrow, depending on whether or not the Gorilla Glue is still good. I'm betting "not", and I have to go to the bank tomorrow (checking account: depleted *sigh*) so I can hit the hardware store afterwards.

The side rail broke sometime last summer, near the foot of the bed, and I've been putting off doing anything about it out of sheer laziness. I supported the dangling slat with a trolley jack and left it, and that worked well enough.

But the trolley jack has this tendency to leak down, and so I'd periodically have to jack it back up. Well, I didn't check it anytime in the last week or so, and when I sat on the edge of the bed, CRACK! the part of the rail supporting the middle slat gave way.

So right now I've got two trolley jacks holding my bed up. But that'll only last until I tear the bed down and repair the side rail; after that, it should be good.

* * *

More anon.

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