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#347: Fansub report (again)

I was wrong, the other day, when I said I had watched two episodes of Ichigo 100%. At that point it was three, and now it's four.

They've finally introduced all of the cute girls in the title sequence. Aya Toujo, the megane'kko-cum-ultra-hottie; Tsukasa Nishino, the prettiest girl in school; Yui Minamoto, the main character's childhood friend; and Satsuki Kitaoji, who is IMHO the ultimate hotness in this series.

I was right about the series being blivetized, too--it's a 157-chapter manga series, split into 19 tankoban (trade paperbacks). There are a total of 24 episodes, but each episode is about 12 minutes, and there ain't no way you can fit 157 chapters of manga into 5.2 hours (and it's actually less since opening and closing themes take 3 minutes out of each pair of episodes...).

Anyway the truly curious who don't care about spoilers can take a gander at the Wikipedia entry about the series.

I'm really enjoying it. I wonder if the manga is available...?

* * *

Piano is nearing its end. I saw episode 9 yesterday. It's still good, but it's good to see a little conflict in the series. It's pretty much the typical "Oh I'm not sure I can do this" stuff, but this isn't the kind of series you watch if you want high drama. It's a peaceful, enjoyable story.

* * *

Ichigo Mashimaru is still really entertaining. It's hard not to like any of the characters--even Miu, the one who is annoying and selfish and usually ends up face-down on the floor, unconscious, at least once per episode, after someone clobbers her.

* * *

Girls Bravo second season continues to impress me. The most recent episode I saw had a "first ever" moment in it, in fact: a woman getting a nosebleed.

The nosebleed gag is universally a male thing--young man sees hot woman naked, or has some particularly dirty thoughts, and gets a nosebleed--but it was very well applied in this situation to a female character.

* * *

Amaenaideyo!, after two episodes, is clearly a keeper. I like that, in the second episode, a spiritual problem was solved without the characters resorting to the main character's special power. (When he sees a woman naked, he suddenly becomes super-monk and can exorcize ghosts and demons easily.) And I still think Haruka is super-hot.

* * *

I'm working on downloading a fansub of Comic Party now. Once I can have a gander at it, I'll see if it's as horrendous as Steven Den Beste says it is.

More later!

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