atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3471: Flat.

Yeah, the rear tire. Again.

As bad as that is, at least it wasn't a repeat of this shit. No.

See, I took a nap because I simply could not keep my eyes open, and when I got up I was hungry and wanted pizza. Ordered one, went out to put the bike away and pick up the pizza--and I could barely move the damn thing, the rear tire was so flat.

On the plus side, it means that whoever tried to steal the insignia from the bike really didn't let the air out of the tire. Even though it was at 20 PSI when I got it out early this afternoon, probably the ride did something to the inner tube which is why it went flat again. *sigh*

So this time I think it really is a case of me having to buy a new rear tire and inner tube for same, and get someone who knows what the hell he's doing to mount the damn thing.

...and since I've got to pull the rear tire off, I do believe I'll replace the rear wheel bearings while I'm at it. The one on the left side of the wheel is...less than optimum. I think it's fine, but once you've been around the mechanical block a few times you learn the difference between "perfectly good bearing" and "this bearing will need replacing sooner rather than later". It's a matter of feel, mainly. On one side there's a hint of slop, and a bit of noise, that the other side does not have. There's nothing wrong with it; it's just not 100% right...and since I don't want to be riding down the road at 55 MPH and have "not 100%" unexpectedly turn into "WTF", I'm going to have to gut it up and buy a set of bearings for the dang thing, and replace them.

So: probably about $90 for a tire--the one 110/90-17 tire that I can find--$10 for an inner tube, $20 for a set of bearings; plus labor for installation and balancing since I'm not sure I want to go through the ordeal of mounting the tire myself. *sigh* But maybe I will, anyway.

The other thought I had: the spare rear wheel would fit handsomely, and of course there are all manner of 110/90-18 tires to be had. I'd have to do some surface prep, mask, and paint the spokes black where they are currently gold, but that wouldn't be hard to accomplish. It also needs new bearings (present ones are seized) but it would make finding a rear tire much easier and probably less expensive to boot. The rest of the hardware would fit the spare wheel, so I wouldn't need to buy any parts other than the ones I need to replace anyway.

Besides all this? The piston and cylinder for the dirt bike arrived today. As advertised the cylinder is in rough shape and needs to be bored and honed, but it's standard size and the included piston is 0.5mm oversize, and includes rings for same. So all I need is to take it to a machine shop, and get the work done--and then the dirt bike will actually have good compression again. How crazy is that?

Tues and Wed are projected to have highs in the mid-80s, which is doable for mechanical work. Maybe I can finally get off my ass and get some stuff done out in the garage. The dirt bike, the road bike, the Fiero, you know. Make a new taillight bracket for the dirt bike, see if I can make any sense of the Fiero, and so on.


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