atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#348: Ichigo 100%

This is what I hate about the recent trend away from long anime series.

I've said before that Ichigo 100% has been blivetized--I made the word up for the series--because the producers are attempting to cram far too much story into far too little space.

Ichigo 100% should have been a much longer series than 13 episodes. Every time I watch an episode of this show something happens in it which gives me the feeling there has been a lot of story left out between this and the previous episode.

Maison Ikkoku, for example, ran to something like 70 or 80 episodes, and it was a 14-volume manga series when all was said and done. Ichigo 100% was 157 chapters spanning 19 volumes...and for this, the producers got to make 13 half-hour episodes?

I'm not entirely sure who was thinking what, here. Whoever made the decision to fund only 13 episodes was a moron. Whoever made the decision to try to tell a major chunk of the entire series, in 13 episodes, by cutting away anything not strictly needed, was ill-advised.

26 half-hour episodes would barely have made a good start, but at least the story would have been a lot less compressed, and I am convinced that the story is good enough to warrant better treatment.

Although it has its ecchi moments, that's not the focus of the series. It has a large enough cast of characters, and a big enough story arc, to make it worthy of a more thorough treatment. This is no Girls Bravo; as anime, Ichigo 100% had the potential to stand with anime series such as Ranma 1/2, Marmalade Boy, Yawara!, and the aforementioned Maison Ikkoku.

Hell, Marmalade Boy was seven tankoban, and the anime was 76 episodes long.

But long series are hard to justify in these post-Bubble Economy days. It's easier to make money on short ones, a season or less, and move on to the next one. (Never mind the fact that digital animation should have made production of long series cheaper.) Even a long-running manga series can't find the funding for a proper adaptation.

That's a shame. There should be more Ichigo 100%. And I've only watched six of the 13 episodes!

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