atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3476: I just got a lot done.

Two on-line applications completed and submitted, and the bills are paid. (Except for the medical insurance, which is due on the 28th and which requires that I move money from savings to pay.)

Next up: bed repairs!

I say "a lot" but the remaining to-do list remains impressive, so "a lot" is really a relative measure. In no particular order:
1) grocery shopping
2) find out where to take the new cylinder for the dirt bike for boring and honing 0.5mm oversize, then take it there
3) research tires/parts/etc for the road bike. Time to make something happen, damn it.
4) figure out WTMFH I'm gonna do about the Fiero, and do it. Also time to make something happen.
5) Work on building a new taillight bracket for dirt bike.
6) Fix bed (on list because I haven't started yet)
7) Call the potential employer I visited on 6/18 to ask WTH is going on.
8) Write a short essay explaining why I'm fit to own firearms, and forward it to my lawyer.
9) Put the Celeron back together and put it away now that my Carmageddon addiction has been slaked.
10) Continue watching anime LDs.
11) Watch fansubs and get current with them
12) Finish backing up fansubs
13) Take ripped envelope to post office to enquire whether or not they can find my goddamned kick start lever.
14) ...and so on
I don't know how the hell I can justify playing WoW so much when there are all these things on my to-do list. WTF.

* * *

Of course I still haven't found the Gorilla Glue, and it's past 8 PM. $5 says I either can't find it, or else it'll be no good, which means postponing the task another day. Argh etc.

Well--with two trolley jacks holding up the thing, it's stable as the Rock of Gibraltar. I just want to fix it so I can take them out of my room again; it's not right and I want it to be right.

* * *

Hardly any of this even touches on my quest for employment, which has been kicked into high gear because it's about fucking time I got a job and all.

Lemonzen took my resume and edited it severely, and sent it back yesterday; I would have liked to have opened the file but unfortunately her version of Word at work doesn't output a file that my version of Word here can read. I've got Word 2000 here; I don't know what version she's using at work but apparently it's new enough that its files give Word 2000 the screaming clammydamps.

So she had to cut-and-paste it into an e-mail, and then I had to cut-and-paste from the e-mail into Word, and edit appropriately. The revised resume fits on one page and hopefully will be most attractive to prospective employers. (Lemonzen is a pointy-haired boss where she works, so she ought to know. But at least she's the technically savvy pointy-haired boss, who knows how to use a computer.)

(Her hair is not pointy, though. I suspect she has a pointy-haired wig that she wears in order to fit in with management at #MAJORTELECOMMUNICATIONSCORPORATION.)

I'll reserve the two-page wonder for major-league jobs (like something in robotics or the like) and use the shorter one for unskilled jobs. This should do nicely.

So I fixed my resume, slogged through the on-line application process at two companies, and paid my bills. My reward is to go searching for Gorilla Glue, and if I find it, fixing my bed tonight. *sigh*

So happy I could just shit...if I hadn't done that before posting this.

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