atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3477: This is starting to piss me off.

I can't find the Gorilla Glue. Considering that the last time I needed it was 2010, that isn't terribly surprising; so tomorrow I'll be going to the hardware store to buy some.

But that's not what's pissing me off; no.

No, what's pissing me off is the leaky rear tire on the road bike. See, once I'd ascertained that the Gorilla Glue is nowhere to be found, I decided I'd sit down with the spray bottle of soapy water and try to figure out how bad the rear tire leak is, and where it's coming from. I expected to find a massive rim leak since it leaked down from full pressure (ca 24 PSI) in a handful of hours.

"Rim leak" makes sense if the inner tube has developed a leak but not due to foreign object intrusion (ie a tire puncture). Still, I sprayed the tread first, thinking that if there were an embedded object I might not have seen it the last time I inspected the tire. (Whenever that may have been; I don't seem to have blogged it, but I did check it for FOD after it went flat on me, before the 4th, and found nothing wrong.)

Well, there aren't any leaks in the tread! Let's check the rim now!

Left side: nothing.

Right side: nothing.

...went inside and made the soap solution stronger, so it would really bubble if there were a leak, and repeated the above.



How the motherfucking hell is the damn tire leaking down from 24 PSI in a few hours when THERE ISN'T ANY AIR COMING OUT OF IT??????

I mean, where the hell is it going?

Several times I thought I'd identified a rim leak, but when I sprayed fresh solution onto it? Nothing. The bubbles were apparently from when I spritzed it the first time.

And anyway, if the damn tire is going dead flat in a few hours it for damn sure ought to be doing more than putting out an almost undetectable stream of bubbles. That's why you use soapy water; it makes the leak obvious even if it's not very big.

And I've got a pretty big f-ing leak here if it's going flat in 4-5 hours.

So I pumped the tire up to 30 PSI, and put it away; and if that damn tire still has 30 PSI in it tomorrow then I guess I'll just have to stop leaving the bike parked outside. *sigh*

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