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#3480: Three links

This is something that really gripes my wagger about the US.

US policy is to enforce its laws on Americans living abroad, regardless of the situation. This keeps Americans from going, say, to Thailand to have sex with children--but it also forces Americans to pay both local and US taxes on income earned abroad.

So if you live in Japan for a few years, working as an English teacher, not only do you have to pay Japanese taxes, but American taxes as well. The US tax doesn't come into play until you've been abroad for a couple of years, but when it does--whew. It's pretty punitive and--unless I'm mistaken--it includes the back years, the ones where you paid no tax.

Isn't it lovely?

* * *

California is coming apart at the seams. San Bernardino is the third city in CA whose budget has begun coughing up blood. The "experts" seem to think that this isn't going to be repeated across CA in every city that has budgeted according to the blue model.

Somehow, I don't believe them.

* * *

WORM discusses the expansion of government, and how the ever-widening reach of the federal bureaucracy makes things ever more difficult for all of us.

* * *

While trying to find information on the dirt bike last night I encountered one of those pages that pops up an ad you can't dismiss. You know the kind I'm talking about; if you click the close gadget, it pops up a dialogue box asking, "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" Clicking on it is guaranteed to infect your machine with malware (if that hasn't already happened) and there's no way in hell I'll click on anything inside that window anyway, so generally I give 'er the three-finger salute and tell Task Manager to shut down the offending window.

I've gotten to the point now that I don't know what else to do. It seems like my machine is wide-f-ing-open to whatever shitware the asstardnet wants to install on it, and nothing I do seems to secure it against any of this crap. I've got a malware scanner, a virus scanner, a firewall in the router, Windows firewall, and Windows Defender--and yet my machine gets infected with shitware.

It doesn't matter if Java is enabled or not. It doesn't matter if popups are blocked or not. Regardless of anything else, if I inadvertently end up at a site that's been compromised, I have to spend the next week tracking down and eliminating shitware.

I think it'd be helpful if Google had some kind of tracking system that let users identify sites with that install shitware. Just click on something, type in your e-mail address (not published) and it's flagged as hosting malware.

No, there's no way to abuse that. *sigh*

Failing that, some way of telling Google, "Never send me a link to this site again" would be useful. Or if there were a way to filter out all the useless linkspam pages--you know what I'm talking about, the pages which are just aggregated links that match your search term, which look like actual content but aren't. Google serves these up by the bucketload; if there were a way to filter that shit out it would make the search engine more useful. Seriously: why would I use a search engine to find results from another search engine? Or (worse) to find results from Google which are already displayed in the search results tab? These pages have only one reason for existing--get people to look at ads--and they never lead me to any content that I can't find in Google.

Meanwhile it's looking more and more like I've got to pull everything off this system, scrub down the hard drive, and rebuild it. Which I hate.

As if I didn't already have enough to do....

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