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#3482: Condoleeza Rice would be a good choice.

But it still won't convince me to vote for Mitt Romney even if the rumors are true and she is the frontrunner to be Mitt's VP.

The Anchoress says the Democrats won't like it. Of course not, and they'll go into full-on "DESTROY" mode, like they did with Sarah Palin. Not only because (as Ms. Scalia attests) Condoleeza Rice is a woman, but because she is a black woman.

* * *

How the hell is this any different from what AP does now?
While computers cannot parse the subtleties of each story, they can take vast amounts of raw data and turn it into what passes for news, analysts say.

"This can work for anything that is basic and formulaic," says Ken Doctor, an analyst with the media research firm Outsell.
Limbaugh once summed that up by explaining what the headline in the NYT would be if Jesus came down to Earth tomorrow and said the world was ending on Sunday:


AP is already taking "raw data" and turning it into "what passes for news", and you bet your ass it's all "basic and formulaic". They've been doing this for years, only they've been doing it by hand. I guess it really doesn't take much intelligence to write leftist propaganda if they can program a computer to do it.

* * *

77 people shot in a week in NYC but that's impossible! Have you seen what the gun laws are like in NYC? You're not allowed to carry a gun unless you're important and connected. No, this is impossible because NYC has strict gun control laws.

More made-up news, I guess. Right?

* * *

"Sovereign citizen movement"? Why am I the last person to hear about this kind of thing? This is awesome.

* * *

Big surprise: AFL-CIO is socialist. Unions being closet commies--who saw that one coming? *rolleyes*

* * *

His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama makes another change to the law via executive fiat. Crickets from the lefties who complained constantly about the "imperial Presidency of Bushitlerhalliburtoncheneyevilbastard".

The Anchoress gets another fungal link today talking about how this guts Bill Clinton's best legacy. But it wasn't Bill Clinton who did it; it was the Newt Gingrich Congress that did it. Clinton just signed the thing, and at the 1996 Democrat convention he promised to "fix" it in his second term. He didn't fix it, which is why people can now say that the welfare reform bill is "Bill Clinton's best legacy".

* * *

The short answer is "no, because it's a tax."

The legal theory that the ObamaCare individual mandate penalty denies due process won't fly, because the Supreme Court has declared that it's a tax. Because it's a tax, there is no due process. You pay it, or you go to jail, period.

*sigh* But we were born free.

* * *

BATFE under Obama wants to know if you're hispanic when you buy a gun. Why hispanic?

It's just racism, isn't it?

* * *

No, there's nothing creepy whatsoever about a college professor, teaching a sex class, who wants his students to masturbate and then tell him about it. Nothing at all wrong with that, oh no....
To add a little bit of fairness here: That's what these courses are. They're not really academic; they're self-help, basically (ba-dum-dum). It's less a class than a clinic. Pretty much they're all "Sex Journals" and masturbation workshops.

The classes are for sexually-repressed people who want to loosen up, exhibitionists looking for a forum, dweebs who want to have study groups with whores, and whores looking for an easy A.
BTW, creepy pic warning at that link.

* * *

Teen killed by SUV. That's right! Those horrid SUVs are stalking and murdering teenagers, and we're powerless to stop it until and unless we let Obama take them away from us and make us all drive Chevy Volts! And--

--eh? What?

Oh. Well, if you go to the link Ace posts, you find that apparently the SUV was not acting alone. It seems it was being driven by an illegal alien who--further--didn't have a driver's license and who had been in the country for 10 years, and had a prior conviction for drunk driving.

But that's the third example; the first one involves an illegal alien driving a day care van full of children...without a driver's license.

No, that day care center ain't gonna get sued, nosiree.... *rolleyes*

And the comments are also a hoot.

* * *

Third Ace link for today, this time about Obama's campaign appearance in Cedar Rapids, IA. Seriously? He did a campaign stop at Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids?

This is a joke, right?

Kirkwood is a nice place but at the end of the day it's still a community college, and in a pretty small town to boot. That's what I liked about Cedar Rapids; it had the convenience of a big city without, y'know, the big city. Very pleasant place to live, and since it has several 24/7 manufacturers operating there, you can usually go shopping and get some fast food at 2:30 AM if you want to.

One would expect Obama to stop in Des Moines, not Cedar Rapids--but WTF, I guess it doesn't really matter all that much.

* * *

This opinion piece at contains an excellent explanation why the grand Marxist ideal is slavery. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" is just another way of saying, "You get out there and pick that cotton, boy, or else we'll whip ya again."

* * *

Marko nominates the "dumbass of the month" and I can't say I disagree.

186 MPH on a motorcycle on a busy public road. Shit.

Marko correctly scoffs at the comment left by one idiot, how if the guy crashes into a car he'll die but not take anyone else with him.


This is what happens when a motorcycle hits a car at such a speed. Would you have wanted to be in that car when it got hit by that motorcycle?

I didn't think so.

(Bonus de-motivational poster.)

* * *

Aikido! Sadly I seem to have forgotten my patented Akido emoticon.

Well, the world wasn't ready for that technology, anyway.

* * *

Lemonzen is on her way over. I've got a pot of goulash going, and as it's been going for 3.5 hours now, it's time to cut up the green pepper, saute it, and add it to the mix.

Off to the kitchen!

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