atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3484: It rained?

I had an anxiety attack last night that took a whole Xanax to quell; I slept right through it. Even though the sun was out when I got up and the ground was dry, there were still water drops on the plants--so it must have rained, at least a little.

Hasn't cooled it down one whit outside, though; it's still hot and sticky, and it's supposed to go back up to a hundred by Tuesday. *sigh*

* * *

As dated and silly as it is, I have to admit that of late I've had a hankering to watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture again. I don't even like it that much, anyway, because it was about 50 minutes' worth of plot spread out over two hours of celluloid. It would have been a great plot for a TV episode. Cut out all the stuff about getting the Enterprise out of spacedock, and all the character development stuff (especially the crap about Spock and Kohlinar) and the all-too-long SFX shots where nothing happens and you'd be left with...about 50 minutes' worth of material.

But since I don't own a copy of this movie, I've got a couple of choices. 1) go to the video rental place where I may or may not still have an account as it's been years since I rented anything; or 2) say "to hell with it" and not bother, and just wait for the urge to see the thing to pass.

Probably going to do the latter.

* * *

...which led me to an odd thought. Since there are a large number of fans who know Klingon, what's going to happen when one of them has some kind of dementia and can only speak Klingon? Does that happen, where someone who once spoke several languages can now only speak one, and it's not his native tongue?

When I was in the nuthatch, there was this older guy there (admitted the same day I was) who spoke a weird melange of English, Spanish, and Polish. No one could understand him unless he spoke English, because the whole thing was an impenetrable mess of ungrammatical pidgin.

By the time that Klingon thing happens, though, I expect someone will be able to whip out a PDA and hold it up while the dude babbles, and then it'll not only identify the language but pop up a translation, too.

"What the hell is 'Klingon'? Anyway, he's saying his mother's waiting for him in the parking lot--Mr. Jones, your mother is dead." PDA: "lIj SoS 'oH Heghpu'!"

(I think that's Klingon. It's just a word-for-word translation and it's not grammatical. Oh well.)

* * *

Yeah, that's about all I've got. Church in the AM.


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