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#3485: A triumph for IngSoc!

After church this morning, I went to the store for a few things. Lemonzen is coming by this afternoon (or evening, depending) and I've been promising to make her biscuits and sausage gravy.

But you need milk for that, and I forgot to buy it when I went shopping (when I bought the biscuits and sausage) so I had to go pick it up, and after church seemed a reasonable time to do it.

I also bought bagels, cheese, today's newspaper, a pack of fig newtons, and a bar of Hershey's chocolate. The last two items have been the object of cravings for the past couple of days that I haven't been able to shake, so they really don't fall under "impulse buy". Anyway, I needed a $10 purchase in order to get the awesome price on Pepsi (3 6-packs for $6!) so I didn't see the harm.

But the chocolate bar is tiny. They call it their "XL" bar and it costs $1.79.

It weighs in at a whopping 4.4 ounces.

Now, it wasn't all that long ago that these things were 7 ounces, and before that 8, and--years and years ago--a full pound. I can't remember the last time I held a one-pound Hershey bar in my hands, but it was long before I graduated from high school.

But--we are told repeatedly by our masters in the federal government--there is no inflation.


* * *

F-in' hot one today. It was already approaching 90 at 10:30, and a half hour later it's gone over. It'll be hotter on Monday and Tuesday.

Welcome to summer! It's the hottest summer in 100 years, meaning it's global warming!

...yeah, it's just f-ing weather, you asshats. STFU.

* * *

Last night I finally watched some f-ing anime.

I also tried to update my anime downloads, but Tokyo Toshokan appears to be down, for whatever reason. I may not get any new eps of Fairy Tail for a while as my emergency backup torrent site doesn't have anything past ep 123, which I've already seen.

I did manage to get current with Yawara! and next I'll be working on Mizuiro Jidai.

I only watched anime twice in June. Gotta do better than that!

To get the latest eps of Yawara! I brought El-Hazard out of its extended slumber, and of course, I needed to be able to access it in order to see the anime that's on its hard drive.

Left it running overnight so the Y! torrents could finish and I could get some more upload credit with BakaBT.

So, of course, the power failed at 3 AM.

If I were really concerned with El-Hazard's uptime, I'd probably have it on a UPS, but since its main mission is just to torrent anime, I have it plugged into the same surge suppressor that protects my entertainment system. (Some high-zoot thing, Tripp-Lite or APC or something with a guarantee--not a regular power strip, which has about as much surge suppression hardware in it as a dollar store extension cord.)

So the first time I have El-Hazard running for weeks, that is when we have a power failure. Typical. It came back on after a few minutes, but of course I wasn't about to get back out of bed to start the torrent box up again, not when you have to log into the thing and click the "allow" button on the "ask administrator for permission to run this" box.

* * *

That's really about it. It's Sunday so I'm not reading the political stuff and the run through the blogroll didn't uncover anything that needs my comments, so rather than waste everyone's time I'm going to log out and take a nap. I didn't sleep well last night (what else is new) and want to get some sleep in before Lemonzen comes. We haven't gotten around to watching Borrower Arrietty yet, and today is the day for that. I'd like to be able to remain awake during the movie.

So, there we are.

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