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#3487: It's not just Rahm.

It's the Democrat machine politics. Chicago has been a Democrat machine city for a very long time, and part and parcel of Democrat politics is a disarmed citizenry.

Gun control got its start in the south, after the Civil War. The one thing the Democrats feared most was freed slaves who could defend themselves, so they passed laws making it illegal for blacks to own firearms.

That was as far as it went, until the great liberal cause of Prohibition came about.

Oh yes--it's not emphasized, ever, but Prohibition was a progressive cause. The name of the movement changes with the seasons but progressive=socialist=communist=liberal=leftist and it worked exactly as well as all their big ideas do.

It drove up the price of liquor, and made it a criminal enterprise. Lots of money to be made on bootleg hooch means people willing to kill over it, and the rising use of machine guns by bad guys meant they had to be outlawed. More gun control.

Gun control didn't get really bad until there were some big-time assassinations--Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, and the shooting of Sirhan Sirhan after the latter assassination. And the answer was "more gun control!" Which, naturally, led to the liberal paradise where only criminals could carry guns, thus leading to rising crime rates and lots more violent crime.

Rahm Emanuel's policies in Chicago are simply the latest example of this.

* * *

Doug Powers has a good one here at Michelle Malkin's blog:
I’m always struck by brides who think “well, I must be getting married because I’m in love.” Let me tell you, there are a lot of people in love out there! You may be in love with your fiancé, and that’s great, but never forget that you didn’t get there on your own. Somebody else invested in those roads and bridges you drove on when you went on your first date.
That's a wonderful play on Obama's latest extrusion of stupidity.

Yeah, all that hard work and money you invested in building your business? You didn't do that. No, it was all because of government that you were able to do that, so you'd better pony up the cash, mister.

This is what liberals really believe.

* * *

Let Karl Denninger's words speak for themselves: "Let's just call this report what it is -- a recession print." Retail sales have dropped marginally for the third month in a row.

...but it's up from a year ago! It's not a recession! Right? Right?????///

* * *

Borrower Arrietty was outstanding.

It wasn't just the company in which I viewed it, either. The movie was up to Studio Ghibli's usual standards, and in some places they went beyond that. The characters were engaging, the conflict suspenseful; no one died and no one got hurt. (Except the dignity of one antagonist character.)

There was a scene I found absolutely delightful: when we see Arrietty, her mother, and her father sitting down for fea, Arrietty's mother pours it...and it plopped out of the teacup like viscous oil.

Lemonzen: What is that?

Me: It's tea! It's just obeying the laws of physics--it's doing that because of how surface tension works at that scale.

Whenever any of the borrowers dealt with water, it always behaved like that. There's a scene where Arrietty goes out in the rain, and I was a bit worried about her getting drenched--but when she gets back under cover she just casually brushes the big clinging drops of water off her otherwise undampened clothing. (She used a leaf as an umbrella, but some water got past it for various reasons.)

...they could have ignored the whole "surface tension" thing and no one would have noticed, except for hardcore physics geeks. The fact that they paid attention to it was a delight to me.

The whole thing was so well-done I have to say this is one of the better Ghibli films I've seen. I only just watched it last night and I want to watch it again.

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