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#3489: How about "free exercise of religion"?

60 days in jail for hosting Bible study in his home? WTF is this, Saudi Arabia? Afghanistan?

Oh, no, it's Phoenix, Arizona.

Guy has Bible study sessions at his home, gets slapped with zoning violations, and is fined $12,000 and sentenced to 60 days in jail. Having other repeating events at his home (parties, etc) would not be a zoning violation, but the city of Phoenix is trying to claim that he's holding "worship services" in a building that's not up to code for them.
"...The city would never require a family’s residence to comply with commercial building codes just because the family hosted a weekly poker night for guests, a regular Cub Scout meeting, or Monday night football parites. Yet the city argues that because the Salmans’ gatherings are religious, they convert the property to a formal 'church', and trigger commercial building codes."
Yeah, this stinks.

* * *

Michelle Malkin knocks one out of the park: "'Nobel Peace Prize? You didn’t earn that'". She also links to an excellent takedown of Obama's nonsense written by Zombie, which is well worth reading.

* * *

Jay G discusses a story coming out of Chicago, about black thugs beating an unarmed white man to death.

Illinois is the least-free state in the union. I've said this numerous times, and allude to it frequently by giving the state a communist nickname ("Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan" is my usual, or PDRI for short). It's the least-free state in the US because the gun control statutes are models of the Democrat policy of disarming law-abiding citizens solely because they can, and because they want government to have a monopoly on force.

You can't run a proper dictatorship if the citizens can fight back. Taking away their guns is the first step to establishing complete control over their lives, always-always.

Sure, some people are going to die. You'll use up a few proles here and there--a few hundred per year--but shit, they're proles and we've got millions of those.

It's most telling when the politicians and those with connections can get permits to carry firearms and do because they realize that their liberal paradise of gun-free zones isn't even remotely safe for the unarmed. Yet of course they never re-think their policies; the staggering level of black-on-white hate crime and the need rich liberals have for carrying firearms never seems to trigger a thought like, Maybe these policies aren't working because criminals ignore the laws against carrying guns.

But instead they go on making gun laws more draconian, as if they expect criminals will suddenly have some kind of epiphany: "God damn, I'm going to go to jail for twenty years instead of ten if I rob that liquor store with a gun? Shit, I'm getting rid of my gun!"

I find it difficult to accept that liberals are that f-ing stupid. The same people who frequently bleat about how the death penalty isn't a "deterrent" then pass laws with punishments intended to deter gun crime...and which don't work.

Illinois is the last state--the only state--in the US which absolutely refuses to issue concealed carry permits to its citizens serfs. If you're an important Democrat, you can get one; otherwise, forget it.

* * *

I feel like poo.

On the plus side I finally got around to calling the prospective employer at which I filled out an application last month. I got a non-answer--applications are reviewed by HR and the owner, and if there's any interest they'll contact the applicant.


The poo-like feeling does not come from that, though; the poo-like feeling comes from my near-complete inability to get to sleep before 5:30 AM with or without the aid of Xanax.

This morning I laid down in bed feeling plenty tired. It was 4 AM and I set the alarm for noon, thinking that I felt tired enough to get to sleep pretty quickly and I should get in the neighborhood of 7 hours of sleep or so. I was trying to eschew the Xanax (knowing that it makes me feel like a zombie for hours after I wake up) and thought I had a pretty good chance at sleeping well without it.


About halfway down the somnolent curve to sleep I heard a noise that woke me right the hell up. I don't know what it actually was but it sounded exactly like someone walking down the hallway. It may not have even been a real noise; it might have been a hypnogogic hallucination. ("I might have dreamed it" for those of you who habitually vote Democrat.) It might have been the cats chasing each other. Whatever the hell it was, it dropped a hydrogen bomb on my relaxed state, and thereafter I couldn't even turn the light off without worrying.

Yes, it triggered a panic attack. Which meant getting up and taking Xanax. FML. it took me extra time to get to sleep, and now I'm sitting here feeling like someone hit me with a shot-filled hose all night.

Well, as fruitless as it was, at least I got the damned phone call made that I promised myself I'd make. I can scratch that off my to-do list, anyway, regardless of how futile the task turned out to be.


* * *

Of late I've been amusing myself by reading Pennock's Fiero Forum which is pretty much the go-to forum for anything Fiero.

I've been a member there for 10 years.

Recently several new sections were added, and I've been reading "The Construction Zone", which isn't one of the recent additions--but the newer ones prompted me to look at it.

The Fiero in my garage is still needing attention, but it's been so F-ING HOT outside that the idea of doing anything outdoors which is not strictly necessary makes my skeleton feel like jelly. I haven't ridden the motorcycle since the last shakedown ride (to see if the tire would go flat) and I haven't checked the rear tire pressure in a similar time period.

It's been so dry the grass is not growing. If it's not growing, I ain't cutting it, because gasoline doesn't grow on trees. If the weeds get to looking too shaggy, maybe I'll cut it, but I haven't heard a lawn mower run in this neighborhood for at least ten days.

* * *

I can barely keep my eyes open. Thanks, anxiety disorder! Thanks, Xanax!

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